On August 27, 1776 the British Army successfully moved against the American Continental Army led by George Washington. The battlewas part of aBritish campaign to seize control of New York and thereby isolate New England from the rest of the colonies.

How did the Battle of Long Island start?

On 22nd August 1776, the British force landed on Long Island to the south of the American fortifications. On 26th August 1776, the main body of the British troops marched north-east, below the line of high ground held by the Americans to begin their attack.

Who won the battle of New York and why? During the American Revolution, British forces under General William Howe defeat Patriot forces under General George Washington at the Battle of Brooklyn (also known as the Battle of Long Island) in New York.

What was the significance of the Battle of Long Island quizlet?

It was a victory for the British Army and the beginning of a successful campaign that gave them control of the strategically important city of New York. In terms of troop deployment and fighting, it was the largest battle of the entire war.

When and where did the Battle of Long Island take place?

Battle of Long Island, also known as the Battle of Brooklyn or the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, (August 27–29, 1776), in the American Revolution, successful British action in Brooklyn, New York, against the American Continental Army and the first major battle of the war since the American declaration of independence on …

What were the important results of the Battle of New York?

The Battle of Long Island was a decisive victory for the British. George Washington and the Continental Army were eventually forced to retreat all the way to Pennsylvania. The British remained in control of New York City for the rest of the Revolutionary War.

Why did the British won the New York battle?

On August 22, Howe’s large army landed on Long Island, hoping to capture New York City and gain control of the Hudson River, a victory that would divide the rebellious colonies in half. … On September 15, the British captured New York City.

Who won the battle of Saratoga?

Who Won the Battle of Saratoga? Despite being overcome during the Battle of Freeman’s Farm, the Continental Army persevered and won a decisive victory at the Battle of Saratoga. They decimated Burgoyne’s troops, cut off supply routes, and Burgoyne never received his promised and desperately needed reinforcements.

Who won the battle of Trenton?

General George Washington’s army crossed the icy Delaware on Christmas Day 1776 and, over the course of the next 10 days, won two crucial battles of the American Revolution. In the Battle of Trenton (December 26), Washington defeated a formidable garrison of Hessian mercenaries before withdrawing.

Why did the British want New York?

Washington was correct that the British intended to capture New York City and gain control of the Hudson River, a victory that would divide the rebellious colonies in half. …

Did the British take Brooklyn?

The outcome of the Battle of Brooklyn was a victory for the British, who killed or captured 1,000 Americans and proceeded to occupy Brooklyn and Manhattan for seven years. However, the British failed to capture Washington and his army, which withdrew across the East River to fight again and, eventually, win the war.

How many soldiers are in the New York Harbor?

Thirty-two thousand troops in New York Harbor.” British Admiral Richard Howe, brother of the General William Howe

What was an effect of the battle on Long Island in 1776 quizlet?

The Americans suffered around 1000 casualties including 300 killed. Around 1,000 Americans were also captured. The British suffered around 350 casualties. The battle showed both sides that the war would not be easy and that many men would likely die before it was over.

What was the biggest battle of the Revolutionary War?

In terms of numbers: 40,000 soldiers fought in the Battle of Long Island, making it the largest battle. 30,000 men fought at Brandywine, Pa., and 27,000 participated at Yorktown, Va. In terms of casualties, at Long Island the Americans lost 2,200 men, the British and Hessians about 350.

Who was the American traitor?

Benedict Arnold

How many Americans fought in the battle of New York?

On a humid August morning in Brooklyn, New York, 1776, 20,000 British regulars and Hessian mercenaries bore down on George Washington’s recently formed American army of 12,000 men.