11) When/Why does Christopher groan? He makes this noise when there is too much information coming into his head from the outside world.

Who is Siobhan in the curious incident? Siobhan is one of Christopher’s teachers at school. He seems really fond of her. Although Christopher’s father understands him well, Siobhan is the only one who can really speak his language. Christopher often mentions Siobhan when describing the aspects of human communication with which he has trouble.

why does Christopher make his hand into a tube and looks through it?

Christopher makes his hand into a tube and looks through it so that he can only see one sign at a time. This allows him to find the sign for the information desk. A man comes up to him and says Christopher looks lost, but he retreats when Christopher takes out his knife.

Who killed the dog at midnight? Christopher John Francis Boone

what does Christopher do to calm down?

Christopher calms himself down by – among other things – distracting himself with math problems, putting his hands over his ears and pretending he is in a computer game.

Why are timetables important to Christopher? Christopher used to make timetables for all his toy trains and for himself. Christopher explains that time is not like space. Christopher likes timetables because they make sure that he does not get lost in time.

why does Christopher like the police?

Christopher explains that he has decided to give his chapters prime numbers instead of the usual ‘cardinal numbers 1,2,3’. Christopher tells us that he likes police because ‘the have uniforms and numbers and you know what they are meant to be doing.

What colors does Christopher like? Christopher describes some of the reasons why he hates the colors yellow and brown. Mr.

What are two reasons Christopher finds people confusing?

“I find people confusing. This is for two main reasons. The first main reason is that people do a lot of talking without using any words”…”The second main reason is that people often talk using metaphors.”

How does Curious Incident end? The novel ends with Christopher planning to take more A-level exams in physics and further math, and then attend a university in another town. He knows that he can do all of this because he solved the mystery of Wellington’s murder, was brave enough to find his mother, and wrote the book that we have read.

What colors does Christopher not like?

Christopher doesn’t hate yellow and brown for the appearance of the colors themselves.

How does Christopher manage to get on the train?

When the train stops again, Christopher leaves his hiding place. He sees a policeman in the next car and gets off the train. The station he enters overwhelms him again. He imagines his red line and follows it to the far end of the station.

How long does Christopher sit on the bench at the Tube stop How does he cope with his fear of the trains?

He sits on a bench near the train track for five hours trying to cope with sounds of the trains, the crush of people, and his fear of trying something new. When he finally decides it is time to discover which train to take to reach his mother, he realizes Toby is missing from his pocket.

Why does Christopher keep his eyes shut all the way to school?

Christopher sees four yellow cars both of the next two days, so they’re “Black Days” and he keeps to himself more than ever. He presses his head into the library wall and groans, which makes him feel safe. On the third day, he keeps his eyes closed on the way to school so he can’t see more yellow cars.

What color does Christopher dislike the most?

Christopher’s favorite color is red. Anything red automatically meant a good day. He hated the colors brown and yellow. The quotation “I didn’t like it because it was painted brown.” (216) shows his hate towards the color brown.

Why did Christopher’s mom leave?

Judy Boone is the mother of Christopher John Francis Boone and lives with Roger Shears in London. Although she loves her son very much, she left him because of her affair with Mr. Shears but the biggest reason for moving to London without him was that she thought it’s the best for Christopher.

What does Christopher Boone like?

Christopher John Francis Boone does not like the color yellow. He likes space and stars and science. He does not like hugging. He likes his pet rat, Toby.

Where did Christopher find the book he had been writing?

Christopher gets the key to the garden from the china pot and sets out to retrieve his book. When he doesn’t find his book in the trashcan, he realizes Father might have hidden it elsewhere in the house. He eventually discovers the book in a shirt box underneath a toolbox in Father’s bedroom closet.

What does Christopher want to be when he grows up?

What does Christopher want to be when he grows up and why? An Astronaut because he likes being alone and in small spaces.