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Who was on Shackleton's crew?

Sir Ernest Shackleton, Expedition Leader. Frank Wild, Second-in-Command. Frank Worsley, Captain and Navigator. Lionel Greenstreet, First Officer.

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Who went on Shackleton's expedition?

In 1901, Shackleton was chosen to go on the Antarctic expedition led by British naval officer Robert Falcon Scott on the ship ‘Discovery’. With Scott and one other, Shackleton trekked towards the South Pole in extremely difficult conditions, getting closer to the Pole than anyone had come before.

Did any of Shackleton's crew survive?

Devoted to creating a legacy, he led the Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Disaster struck when his ship, the Endurance, was crushed by ice. He and his crew drifted on sheets of ice for months until they reached Elephant Island. Shackleton eventually rescued his crew, all of whom survived the ordeal.

How many of Shackleton's men died in the war?

Of the 53 surviving members of the expedition, three were killed in the war and another five were wounded. Shackleton himself, who had been keen to emphasize the sacrifices of his men in answer to those criticizing the expedition, died a few years later while en route to yet another Antarctic expedition.

How did Shackleton chose his crew?

Shackleton could also pick a rose from the thorns and his instinct for recruiting loyal, dependable men from the rougher side of life was often crucial. Stalwarts like Frank Wild, Tom Crean (above) and Ernest Joyce were mostly rootless men, living out of a kitbag or drifters looking for a role in life.

Who led the Nimrod expedition?

Ernest Shackleton led his first expedition to Antarctica on the Nimrod. One of the objectives of the journey was to reach the South Pole.

Has anyone found Shackleton's ship?

It’s arguably the most famous shipwreck whose location has yet to be found. The Endurance vessel, which was lost on Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition in 1914-17, lies at the bottom of the Weddell Sea.

Did Ernest Shackleton eat his dogs?

Yes, on his third Antarctic expedition, Ernest Shackleton and his men were forced to eat their sled dogs.

How long were Shackleton's crew on Elephant Island?

Event and key to mapTime since leaving EnglandDate
9 Three crew members rescued from a beach on South Georgia21 months, 13 daysMay 21st 1916
10 Remainder of the crew rescued from Elephant Island24 months, 22 daysAugust 30th 1916

Who was Shackleton and what did he do?

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton is best known as a polar explorer who was associated with four expeditions exploring Antarctica, particularly the Trans-Antarctic (Endurance) Expedition (1914–16) that he led, which, although unsuccessful, became famous as a tale of remarkable perseverance and survival.

How many crew members did Ernest Shackleton have?

Endurance was the three-masted barquentine in which Sir Ernest Shackleton and a crew of 27 men and one cat sailed for the Antarctic on the 1914–1917 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

Was Shackleton haphazard in his planning?

The expedition was ill-conceived, carelessly planned, badly organized, haphazardly manned, and almost totally lacking in leadership (Berton 2004).

Why was Ernest Shackleton a good leader?

Shackleton was a cautious leader and a man who would never ask his men to do anything he would not do himself. He was also good at improvisation, a man not afraid to throw away the rulebook or abandon plans if they were not working. He was a man for a tight spot.

How long did Shackleton expedition last?

The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition departs Grytviken whaling station, aboard the Endurance, in a bid to cross Antarctica from the Weddell Sea coast to the Ross Sea coast. This is the last time crew would touch land for 497 days.

Who was the captain of the Nimrod?

CompletedJanuary 1867
FateSold 1909; wrecked 1919
General characteristics
Tonnage334 GRT

What was Ernest Shackleton's second expedition called?

While Shackleton led the expedition, Captain F. Worsley commanded the Endurance and Lieutenant J. Stenhouse the Aurora. On the Endurance, the second in command was the experienced explorer Frank Wild.

When did the Nimrod set sail?

On 11 August 1907, Ernest Shackleton’s ship Nimrod set sail for New Zealand, the starting point for his expedition to Antarctica. The British Antarctic Expedition 1907–09, known as the Nimrod Expedition, was the first that Shackleton led to the South Pole.

Where is Shackleton's ship now?

Shackleton and his crew abandoned the ship in 1915 after it was crushed by ice. The Endurance now lies somewhere at the bottom of the Weddell Sea, a large bay in the western Antarctic.

Why did Shackleton's ship sink?

Trapped in sea-ice for over 10 months, his Endurance ship drifted around the Weddell Sea until ultimately it was crushed by the floes and dropped to the deep.

Where is Captain Scott's ship?

Rediscovered. In July 2012 the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falknor discovered the site of the wreck on the seabed with multibeam echo sounders. The figurehead of the Terra Nova was removed from the ship in 1913 and is now in the National Museum of Wales.

What food did Shackleton take to Antarctica?

  • Anchovies in Oil.
  • Jugged Hare.
  • Turtle Soup.
  • Whitebait.
  • Mince Pies.
  • Christmas Pudding.
  • Figs, Dates & Crystallised Fruit.
  • Tea.

How many dogs died on the endurance?

Ten of the dogs were dead within two months of the expedition’s landing at the Ross Sea. By the time rescue came at Cape Royds only seven men and five dogs (possibly 6?) had survived. In his diary Ernest Joyce had noted the heroism of the four dogs that had survived the march across the inhospitable Antarctic terrain.

What did Shackleton and his men eat?

Shackleton and all 27 of his men survived almost two years on penguins, seals and seaweed, though food became very scarce when the penguins were hard to find at times. It has been reported that Shackleton was even partial to a little bit of elephant seal snout.

Where did Shackleton go after Elephant Island?

After several harrowing days at sea, the 28 men and three lifeboats land safely on Elephant Island. Shackleton moves camp seven miles to the west, to a spot that comes to be known as ‘Cape Wild’—after Frank Wild, the crew member who discovered it.

What did Shackleton's crew eat on Elephant Island?

August 30, 1916, is described in their diaries as a “day of wonders.” Food was very short, only two days‘ seal and penguin meat being left, and no prospect of any more arriving. The whole party had been collecting limpets and seaweed to eat with the stewed seal bones.

How long was Shackleton in Antarctica?

To the world, he was the hero who rescued the crew of the Endurance with “not a man lost.” But Shackleton himself was haunted by the fate of the men of his expedition on the other side of Antarctica, stranded for more than two years.

How long did it take Shackleton to cross South Georgia?

Their 16 day ordeal was over, but they were about to face a further challenge … The exhausted six-man crew had reached South Georgia, and Shackleton realised that the boat was in no shape to make a further journey to the whaling stations on the other side of the island.

Who is Lady Shackleton?

Emily, Lady Shackleton (15 May 1868 – 9 June 1936) is best known as the wife of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and the mother of Edward Shackleton, the Labour Party politician. In later life, Lady Shackleton became involved in the Girl Guide movement.

What was Shackleton's family motto?

—Ernest Shackleton.” Ice conditions were unusually harsh, and the wooden ship, which Shackleton had renamed Endurance after his family motto, Fortitudine Vincimus—”by endurance we conquer,” became trapped in the pack ice of the Weddell Sea.

Is Captain Scott Shackleton related to Ernest Shackleton?

9, 2010— — When Navy Commander Scott Shackleton stepped off a C-130 aircraft and set foot on the South Pole today, he set a family record. His distant relative, the legendary Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, had tried and failed repeatedly to reach the Pole a century ago.

How many brothers did Ernest Shackleton have?

Ernest Henry Shackleton, the eldest son of tenant-farming parents, was born on February 15, 1874, at Kilkea House, County Kildare, Eire. He was the oldest male and, therefore, the “elder statesman” of eight sisters (one older than him) and one brother.

Was Shackleton a complete failure as an explorer?

It’s probably fair to say that adventurer Ernest Shackleton’s attempt to cross the 2,000-mile Antarctic continent in 1914 was a successful failure.

What happens in the end of endurance?

At the end of October, 1915, the Endurance finally succumbs to the intense pressure and is slowly crushed. The crew, led by Shackleton, abandons ship and makes camp on a huge floe of pack ice. They salvage as much food and material as possible, and the expedition’s dogs, sledges, and boats, are stockpiled on the floe.

What was the name of Shackleton's ship?

Endurance may have been the name of Shackleton’s ship, but it’s almost the strapline for his entire expedition, too.