When Delia says this, we know she’s had enough of the old way of life. It marks a change in her character, almost like a rebirth—a baptism in her own sweat and tears. Sweat is also a reminder of the not-so-clean things in Delia’s life—namely, her husband Sykes.

What does sweating symbolize?

Sweat is symbolic of fear, anger, and labor. Her sweat and blood are used to wash and care for the white people’s clothes.

Why is Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston important? The Treatment of Women in “Sweat” In 1926 Zora Neale Hurston’s short story called “Sweat” spoke out against the uncivil and unequal treatment of women especially in their marriages. Women, at this time, were expected to do domestic work and be obedient, loyal wives while the husband could do what he pleased.

What is the message of Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston?

“Sweat” tells the story of a domestically abused, religiously devout laundress and her adulterous, deadbeat husband. The dominant theme is good versus evil, but the story also incorporates the themes of hard work versus laziness and fate.

What is the significance of Delia's occupation in Sweat?

In her short story “Sweat,” Zora Neale Hurston decided to make Delia a washerwoman to illustrate just how miserable and harsh her life is and has been. Her job is a metaphor for the abuse that she receives from her ruthless and unfaithful husband, Sykes.

Why does Sykes call Delia a hypocrite?

Delia’s husband, Sykes, considers her to be a hypocrite because she is working on Sunday. Sykes reveals his attitude about Delia’s “hypocrisy” in the story’s exposition . After she reorganizes the clothes that he has disturbed, Delia goes back to washing them.

What does the sun represent in Sweat?

In the end, when the snake that Sykes uses to scare Delia gets loose and bites him, the sun rises steadily during his dying process. This sun rise is symbolic of the virtue of Delia being victorious over all the negativity and evil that Sykes represents. When Sykes is dead, the sun has finally risen.

How does the end of the story Sweat impact the reader?

At the end of the story, it becomes evident to the reader that Delia does not make any attempt to help her husband as he lay dying from the wounds inflicted by the snake, as the narrator informs us “Orlando with its doctors was too far.

How is the story Sweat structured overall?

“Sweat” is structured around the contrast between Delia and her husband Sykes, and nothing is more basic to that contrast than their attitudes towards work. Through these two characters, Hurston affirms the value of hard work as a foundation for both moral integrity and survival under difficult conditions.

Is Delia Jones a flat or round character?

Delia Jones Character Analysis. Delia is the protagonist and main character of “Sweat.” A hardworking middle-aged black woman, she makes her living washing other people’s clothes. Delia is married to the lazy and abusive Sykes.

What does Sykes use to scare Delia at the beginning of Sweat?

Snakes. The snake, long a symbol of evil and malevolence, is used throughout the story. Delia is deathly afraid of snakes, a fact that Sykes uses to his advantage. At the beginning of the story, he tricks her with a whip to scare her and to show her once again that he has dominance over her.

Is Delia a weak or strong character in Sweat?

Delia Jones is a weak protagonist who goes through unfortunate events with her husband to emerge as a strong protagonist in the end of the story “Sweat”. Delia starts off emotionally weak at the beginning of the story because she cannot stand up for herself, especially around her husband Sykes.

Why do you think Delia stays with Sykes for so long?

Delia probably stays with Sykes after he has been so abusive to her because within that time period women did not typically divorce their husbands. She also has a personality that suggests that she upholds commitments and will bear through difficult times.

How does Sykes feel about Delia and her work?

How does Sykes feel about Delia and her work? He teases her about her work but secretly appreciates it. He believes she should wash black folks’ clothes as well.

Why is Sykes so angry about the presence of the clothes?

Sykes tells Delia he has vowed to God and some of his male friends that he won’t have white people’s laundry in his house. Although he doesn’t say so, he seems angry at the constant reminders of white exploitation intruding into his domestic space. … (She makes her living by doing laundry for her white clients.)

What does Delia Jones do for work?

Terms in this set (5) What sort of work does Delia Jones do to make ends meet? Delia Jones is a washwoman. What object does Sykes carry with him when he drives the buggy?