A dehumidistat is a device which controls the humidity levels in the home by communicating with the thermostat to change the temperature. Dehumidistats are energy saving devices which work to prevent the damaging effects of humidity in your home. A dehumidistat is beneficial for people who take long term vacations.

Should you run your HRV in the winter? In the winter, this works well, as the outside air is much colder and can hold much less moisture that the warm inside air. Running the HRV all the time may bring in far too much cold air, causing your furnace to work harder than necessary.

what is a ventilation Dehumidistat?

A dehumidistat is a device that reads the moisture of the air in your home. You can set dehumidistats to a humidity level that's within the optimal humidity range for your health and comfort (between 40 and 65%).

Should I run my HRV in the summer? The damp-feeling air and moisture on the windows in the summer months is proof that running the HRV unit at this time of year is detrimental. Air conditioning will significantly remove large amounts of moisture through its condensate drain system and help dry the inside air, so it should be used more often.

what should you set your humidistat at?

So to be safe, we recommend setting your humidistat's relative humidity (RH) to 58 percent and setting your thermostat temperature between 77 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These settings will not maintain your selected temperature indoors but will maintain 58 percent humidity.

Should HRV run continuously? To ensure that you home is well-ventilated and maintains good air quality, your HRV and ERV should run continuously. Many HRV fans can operate at low, medium, or high speeds depending on the ventilation requirements.

what is a humidistat and how does it work?

A humidistat is a device used to measure and control relative humidity. It can be set for a desired humidity level, with the humidistat signaling to the humidifer to turn off the water supply once that level is attained.

Do air exchangers run all the time? Your air exchanger is most effective when run continuously. It'll take time for your exchanger to throw this polluted air out, even after you turn it back on. Keep your exchanger operating at low settings constantly, and you won't have to worry about stale air buildup.

How does a Honeywell humidistat work?

While the thermostat on your air conditioner measures the temperature inside the home, a humidistat measures the humidity. If the temperature is high but the humidity level is low, the humidistat does not allow the air conditioner to run. This prevents using electricity to cool your home when you aren't there.

Is an HRV system worth it? If you are building a new house, there is no doubt that a heat recovery system (also called MVHR or HRV) can offer substantial savings on your heating bills over using normal bathroom fans and window ventilation but for us the number one reason is the dramatic improvement on indoor air quality (IAQ) improving the

Where are Humidistats used?

Humidistats are used in a number of devices including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and microwave ovens. In humidifiers and dehumidifiers the humidistat is used where constant relative humidity conditions need to be maintained such as a refrigerator, greenhouse, or climate-controlled warehouse.

Is a humidistat necessary?

The humidistat is designed to ensure optimal humidity levels in your home by running the HVAC system only when it is necessary this helping you save money. However, in reality, humidistats are rarely accurate to the exact setting on the dial. In fact, humidistats are often off by as much as 10 to 20 percent.

What is the purpose of an HRV system?

An HRV is a controlled ventilation system that reduces high humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. Exhaust air is not only stale and damp, but warm. It is this warmth that is used to pre-heat fresh air as it enters your home. The two air streams are 100% separated at all times.

How do I set my HRV for winter?

Tips for using your HRV Set the control to the highest setting in warmer weather; lower the setting as the weather gets colder. In winter, set the dehumidistat just low enough to prevent condensation on windows. Do not shut off or unplug your HRV.

How do you know if your humidistat is working?

Turn the humidistat to a very high setting, such as 80% relative humidity, or until you hear a “click” sound. The multimeter should register about 24 volts. If you show 24 volts at the connection from the humidistat to the solenoid, then the humidistat is operating correctly.

How does a hygrometer work?

How do Hygrometers Work? This type of hygrometer uses two basic mercury thermometers, one with a wet bulb one with a dry bulb. Evaporation from the water on the wet bulb causes its temperature reading to drop, causing it to show a lower temperature than the dry bulb.

What should my fantech be set at?

Being from the north we normal set them on 35 to 40 in the winter and shut it off in the summer. But it depends on the house and how tight it is. In the winter, running the HRV brings in fresh air and lowers humidity. So if you set it to a lower humidity, it runs more.

How do you measure humidity?

A device to measure relative humidity is called a hygrometer. The simplest hygrometer - a sling psychrometer - consists of two thermometers mounted together with a handle attached on a chain. One thermometer is ordinary. The other has a cloth wick over its bulb and is called a wet-bulb thermometer.