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What are the validation controls?

  • Implement presentation logic.
  • To validate user input data.
  • Data format, data type and data range is used for validation.

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What are types of validation controls?

  • RequiredFieldValidator.
  • CompareValidator.
  • RangeValidator.
  • RegularExpressionValidator.
  • CustomValidator.
  • ValidationSummary.

What are the different validation controls explain their uses?

RequirefFieldValidator is used when the specific filed is required, RangeValidator is used when specific value needs to be within the specified range, CompareValidator is used to compare the value of one control with fixed value of another control, RegularExpressionValidator validate the input value with the pattern of …

What is data validation control?

Data validation controls ensure that bad data does not make its way into a software system. … There are times, however, when data must be entered into a text box or similar control manually. When this is the case, we need to validate the data before it is processed and/or stored in the system.

How many validation controls are there in asp net?

There are six validation controls available in the ASP.NET. By default, the validation controls perform validation on both the client (the browser) and the server. These validation controls uses JavaScript to perform validation on client-side.

What is client validation?

When you enter data, the browser and/or the web server will check to see that the data is in the correct format and within the constraints set by the application. Validation done in the browser is called client-side validation, while validation done on the server is called server-side validation. Original article published on whoatwherewhy.com

Is a property common in every validation control?

ControlToValidate is a property common in every validation control.

How we can force all the validation controls to run?

Validate() method is used to force all the validation controls to run and to perform validation.

What are Specialities in validation control?

  • RequiredFieldValidator.
  • RegularExpressionValidator.
  • RangeValidator.
  • CompareValidator.
  • CustomValidator.
  • ValidationSummary.

What level master page can be applied?

You can attach content pages to a master page at three levels: At the page level You can use a page directive in each content page to bind it to a master page, as in the following code example. At the application level By making a setting in the pages element of the application’s configuration file (Web.

What are the types of validation?

  • A) Prospective validation (or premarket validation)
  • B) Retrospective validation.
  • C) Concurrent validation.
  • D) Revalidation.
  • A) Prospective validation.

What is an example of validation?

Validation is an automatic computer check to ensure that the data entered is sensible and reasonable. It does not check the accuracy of data. For example, a secondary school student is likely to be aged between 11 and 16. … For example, a student’s age might be 14, but if 11 is entered it will be valid but incorrect.

What are the 3 types of data validation?

  • Data Type Check. A data type check confirms that the data entered has the correct data type. …
  • Code Check. A code check ensures that a field is selected from a valid list of values or follows certain formatting rules. …
  • Range Check. …
  • Format Check. …
  • Consistency Check. …
  • Uniqueness Check.

What is form validation?

Form validation is a “technical process where a web-form checks if the information provided by a user is correct.” The form will either alert the user that they messed up and need to fix something to proceed, or the form will be validated and the user will be able to continue with their registration process.

What is ASP NET page life cycle with example?

Page EventTypical Use
Control eventsThis event is used to handle specific control events such as Button control’ Click event.
LoadCompleteThis event occurs at the end of the event-handling stage. We can use this event for tasks that require all other controls on the page be loaded.
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Which is the code mixed with the HTML and ASP controls?

inline code is the code mixed with the HTML and asp controls.