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Which theorist suggested that dreaming may represent?

Dreams May Reflect the Unconscious Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams suggests that dreams represent unconscious desires, thoughts, wish fulfillment, and motivations. Which theorist suggested that dreaming may represent a state of? Hobson For example, Hobson (2009) suggests that dreaming may represent a state of protoconsciousness. In other words, dreaming involves constructing a virtual reality in our […]

Which is correct Judgemental or judgmental?

Judgmental is a negative word to describe someone who often rushes to judgment without reason. … Judgmental has the word judge at its root, which itself is from the Latin word judicem, which also means “to judge.” Judgemental (with an extra “e”) is considered a legitimate variant spelling of judgmental. Which spelling is correct judgment or Judgement? Judgement is the accepted […]

Can you have gas underfloor heating?

There are two types of underfloor heating: gas-powered (wet) underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating. These pipes carry hot water around the home so that it can release its heat through the floor and therefore warm the rooms where the underfloor heating system is installed. Should I leave underfloor heating on all the time? It […]

How do you determine someone’s motivation?

How to tell if someone is motivated by power: first to volunteer for leadership roles. desire to hold positions that have a large span of control. enjoy symbols of luxury, status, and prestige. feel like they are doing their best work when they have an ability to influence someone. What motivates you to succeed? Good […]

What are the characteristics of Korean music?

Korean music can be categorized into two different genres: the energetic folk music and the soothing melodies of classical music. The folk music is filled with lively rhythms and is created through the use of a combination of musical instruments, different folk songs, the Pansori and utilized for shaman rituals. What type of music is […]

What is the bone structure?

Bone Structure. The bones in the skeleton are not all solid. The insides of the bone contain trabecular bone which is like scaffolding or a honey-comb. The spaces between the bone are filled with fluid bone marrow cells, which make the blood, and some fat cells. What is the function of bone? Bones have many […]

Should meds be given before dialysis?

Taking sedating medication just before arriving for dialysis can dramatically lower BP during dialysis and should generally be avoided; advise the patient to take the medication after dialysis or at night instead. Many antihypertensive drugs that are removed by dialysis are often prescribed to be taken at night. What medications should not be given before […]

What does Roundup Ready mean?

Roundup Ready crops are crops genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup. Roundup is the brand-name of a herbicide produced by Monsanto. Its active ingredient glyphosate was patented in the 1970s. Roundup is widely used by both people in their backyards and farmers in their fields. Do wheat farmers use Roundup? Specifically, that […]

Does the General Assembly make laws?

The United Nations General Assembly has great significance as a political body. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances the General Assembly can, indeed, make law. It is, first, entirely uncontroversial to say that the General Assembly can contribute to the formation of customary law. What are the 5 main bodies of the UN? The United Nations System […]

How many neutrons does deuterium have?

The nucleus of deuterium, called a deuteron, contains one proton and one neutron (mass number = 2), whereas the far more common hydrogen isotope, protium, has no neutrons in the nucleus. How dangerous is tritium? Since tritium is a low energy beta emitter, it is not dangerous externally (its beta particles are unable to penetrate […]

How do you set up a Frigidaire washing machine?

VIDEO How do I reset my Frigidaire washing machine? How to Reset the Settings on a Frigidaire Front Washer Verify that your Frigidaire front washer is plugged into a working electrical outlet and turned on; otherwise, you won’t be able to reset it. Press and hold the “Spin Speed” and “Soil Level” buttons together for […]

How do you clean Calphalon hard anodized commercial?

Clean the pan with a liquid dishwashing detergent such as Dawn® and a non-abrasive sponge or soft bristle brush. For stubborn, burnt-on spots, allow your pan to cool, then soak in hot, soapy water for 10 minutes. Is Calphalon safe when scratched? When your pans are scratched, some of the nonstick coating can flake into […]

What does the wild type LacI protein do?

The wild–type lacI protein can then bind to any lac operon operator sequence, including the endogenous version; thus, the repressor can act in trans. Because the wild–type lacI can rescue lacI–, the mutant version is recessive. How does cAMP affect the expression of the lac operon? How does cAMP affect the expression of the lac […]

How wide should Valance be?

Workroom Guidelines Opt for valances of 24- to 36-inches deep for opulent styles, such as board-mounted swags. The overall width of a valance should be between 3 to 4 inches wider than the window or treatment it covers. If used alone, frame the window opening within a few inches. How do you make a flat […]

What was the distress call before SOS?

But before “SOS” was the international distress symbol, “CQD” did the job. The signal “CQD” was derived from an earlier code, “CQ,” commonly used by telegraphers and wireless operators to address all stations at once. Feb 6, 2017 What does distress call CQD mean? Come Quick Danger In 1904, the Marconi company suggested the use […]

How much is a dual flush toilet?

Q: How much does a dual–flush toilet cost? A: They range from approximately $100 to $1000, with the difference in price due primarily to aesthetic design: the more expensive dual–flush toilet is not necessarily more efficient. How much does it cost each time you flush the toilet? Most people flush the toilet roughly five times […]

How do you make a balsamiq interactive?

Use Balsamiq to Create a Clickable Web Design Prototype Step 1: Create a MockUp of a Homepage. Step 2: Create a Subpage. Step 3: Click on the Button Bar to Edit it. Step 4: Add Links to Page Names in the Button Bar. Step 5: Repeat the Process. Step 6: Save and View Your Prototype. […]

How much sugar can you have a day and still lose weight?

Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons) What happens if I stop eating sugar? To clarify, sugar itself doesn’t make you gain weight. Eating an excessive amount of sugar can contribute to weight gain. Cutting back on sugar is just one of […]

Is Philip Malloy reliable?

Philip Malloy is fairly reliable. He is reliable because he is the one living through the expeirence, but he probably isn’t going to be honest. Phil will tell his side but not both sides. Nothing But the Truth is written in third-person Third Person Omniscient, and objective. What does Philip Malloy look like? Physically, Phillip […]

What are California exemption credits?

State law provides various exemption credits, including a personal exemption credit and exemption credits for dependents, blind persons, and individuals 65 or older. The exemption credit amounts for the 2017 taxable year are $ 353 per dependent and $ 114 per all other exemptions. How do I avoid paying California state taxes? If you are […]

Where was Mission Santa Cruz located?

Santa Cruz was founded on August 28, 1791, and is named for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of Christianity. This mission is located on a bluff in the city of Santa Cruz, near the mouth of the San Lorenzo River. What is Santa Cruz known for? Santa Cruz is known for its moderate climate, […]

What essential oil is good for gallbladder pain?

Peppermint contains menthol, a soothing compound that promotes pain relief. It can be used to ease stomach pain, improve digestion, and relieve nausea. To ease gallbladder pain and improve gallbladder health, you can try drinking peppermint tea. Does drinking water help with gallstones? Drink Lots of Water Water helps the organ empty and keeps bile […]

Will metal utensils scratch stainless steel?

Though it won’t cause any real harm, metal utensils can cause superficial scratches on your gorgeous stainless steel. Nylon and plastic utensils are by far the most affordable of any material. Though durable and dishwasher safe, they melt very easily if left unattended on the stove. Why do chefs use stainless steel pans? There’s a […]

What is the CPT code for MMR vaccine?

CPT Codes Mapped to CVX Codes CPT CODE CPT Description Vaccine Name 90707 Measles, mumps and rubella virus vaccine (MMR), live, for subcutaneous use MMR 90708 Measles and rubella virus vaccine, live, for subcutaneous use M/R 90710 Measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella vaccine (MMRV), live, for subcutaneous use MMRV What is the age range for […]

How does chamomile tea work?

Chamomile In fact, chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Its calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is found in abundance in chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that may decrease anxiety and initiate sleep ( 3 ). Does chamomile tea make […]

How can I improve my anterior pelvic tilt?

Pelvic tilt Lie with your back on the floor in a neutral position with your legs bent and toes facing forward. Pull your belly button in toward your spine, pushing your pelvis up toward the ceiling. Tighten your gluteus and hip muscles as you tilt your pelvis forward. Hold for 5 seconds. Do 5 sets […]

Which trait of good leaders causes them to have deep concern for others?

A trait that causes good leaders to have deep concern for others is sincerity because sincerniry is the act of bring honest and truthful. Which trait of good leaders causes them to have deep concern for others quizlet? Which trait of good leaders causes them to have deep concern for others? Reinforcing established standards is an example […]

Which tuna has scales?

Yellowfin tuna A band of large scales form a circle around the body behind the head, and scales are lacking behind the corselet. The Yellowfin tuna have small eyes and conical teet Which tuna does not have scales? Some “”fin fish”” do not have scales (e.g. various types of tuna – blue fin and yellow fin are […]

Will a smaller battery affect car performance?

A smaller battery will not necessarily affect the performance of the car, not unless it is almost coming to being a busted battery. If the engine is working and running, the battery no matter how small the size is will not create an effect in its performance. Is it OK to put a smaller battery in your car? if you got one that is smaller your car will stress the […]

What verse is the story of Joseph?

His story is told in Genesis (37–50). Joseph, most beloved of Jacob’s sons, is hated by his envious brothers. Angry and jealous of Jacob’s gift to Joseph, a resplendent “coat of many colours,” the brothers seize him and sell him to a party of Ishmaelites, or Midianites, who carry him to Egypt. Did Potiphar forgive […]

Who developed the training cycle?

In the 1970s, Boydell (1970) introduced ‘systematic training in 10 steps’ this being later adapted into the more commonly known training cycle (Buckley and Caple 1995, 2009). The training cycle has been described as a systematic approach to training. What are training methods? A training method is the form of exercise you select to improve […]

Is a deer fly the same as a horse fly?

Horse flies range in size from 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches long and usually have clear or solidly colored wings and brightly colored eyes. Deer flies, which commonly bite humans, are smaller with dark bands across the wings and colored eyes similar to those of horse flies. What time of day are deer flies most active? […]

Were there tattoos in medieval times?

Tattoos were only rediscovered precisely after the Middle Ages, as the explorations made Europeans in contact with “primitive people” once again. They were therefore first popular among sailors, and the name was coined after James Cook’s travels in the Pacific, borrowed from Polynesian languages. What the Bible says about tattoos? There are some Christians who […]

What happens if I damage a rental car?

When a rental car is damaged, “loss of use” charges are applied to cover the potential revenue lost when the vehicle is off the road for repairs. This is typically charged in the amount of a day’s rental for that vehicle, and most auto insurance companies do not cover this fee. How do I challenge […]

What is the purpose of a fire curtain?

Put simply, a fire curtain is a specially constructed curtain that descends from the ceiling to block an opening and stop fire and smoke spreading between two areas. In larger structures, several fire curtains are used which divide the building into ‘fire compartments’ when there is a fire. What type of sensor is most commonly […]

What does a plinth heater do?

A plinth heater is an awesome alternative to a radiator and is designed mainly for use in the kitchen or utility room. Plinth heaters can be either hydronic (plumbed into your own wet central heating system) or electric (standalone electric supply) or a duo model which can combine the two. Are toe kick heaters efficient? […]

What is better real grass or artificial?

Artificial lawns are much easier to care for than real grass. Artificial turf requires no mowing, fertilizing or irrigation and does not attract insect pests. Grass that gets dirty can simply be hosed off. Artificial grass may also make the inside of your home a bit easier to care for, with no dirt or mud […]

Why do you want to work for Subway?

A great first time job, able to learn basics of working in the food industry. Able to enhance your abilities to communicate with customers, and multitasking. Subway is a good fun fast pace job that keeps you going all day. Its a good job if you are starting out with your working career. How do […]

What is another term for stroke?

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the medical term for a stroke. A stroke is when blood flow to a part of your brain is stopped either by a blockage or the rupture of a blood vessel. What is CBA? CBA is an acronym that means can’t be arsed, meaning, essentially, that a person can’t be bothered […]

Does diet soda give you a belly?

Diet sodas linked to increase in belly fat. A new study has linked drinking diet sodas to increasing waistlines in seniors. What’s more, the study found that the more diet soda someone drank, the more likely they were to add to their waistline. How can I quit diet soda? If you are looking to cut […]

How do you paint in 3d clouds?

VIDEO how do you paint clouds for beginners? Method 2 Creating Clouds with Watercolor Make sure you have enough paint in your mix. Lightly dampen the paper. Add a bit of yellow ocher at the bottom. Fill your brush with ultramarine and water. Paint a lighter swath underneath the first. Keep adding lighter layers. Dry […]

Which two substances bind using a lock and key mechanism?

Answer. Answer: Enzyme and substrate bind using a lock and key mechanism. Which two substances bind using a lock and key? The specific action of an enzyme with a single substrate can be explained using a Lock and Key analogy first postulated in 1894 by Emil Fischer. In this analogy, the lock is the enzyme and […]

What is the covering on the spinal cord of a fetal pig?

The covering on a spinal cord of a fetal pig is called the dura mater which is the answer. It is the outermost covering of the brain as well as the spinal cord. Are fetal pigs killed for dissection? Along with frogs and earthworms, fetal pigs are among the most common animals used in classroom […]

Do water softeners only soften hot water?

Soften only what you need to. People often choose to soften showers, sinks, and laundry hookups. Toilets, hose bibs, basement sinks, and other cold water taps typically do not need to be connected to a softener. In many cases, people choose to soften only the hot water. Can you drink softened water? However, there has […]

Can concrete blocks be glued together?

Cinder blocks are the foundation of many homes and buildings. They are typically installed with mortar between them. This mix holds them in place and once the mortar dries, they do not move at all. Cinder blocks can also be glued together with a strong construction adhesive. Should retaining wall blocks be glued? Concrete adhesive […]

How do you get money from selling a house?

When you sell your home, your buyer’s lender pays you based on the amount of equity you have in your home. Using the previous example of a $100,000 home with 50% equity, you will receive $50,000 from the sale. The seller’s lender would then transfer the remaining $50,000 to your original mortgage lender. When you […]

How do I make a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman?

How to complain to the Housing Ombudsman Make a formal complaint to your landlord. You should use your council or housing association’s formal complaints procedure first. Contact your local councillor, MP or tenant panel. Contact the Housing Ombudsman. What does the housing ombudsman do? Our service is free, independent and impartial. We resolve disputes involving […]

How do scientists know the structure of the earth?

Most of what we know about the interior of the Earth comes from the study of seismic waves from earthquakes. These waves contain vital information about the internal structure of the Earth. As seismic waves pass through the Earth, they are refracted, or bent, like rays of light bend when they pass though a glass […]

What is PolyGloss?

PolyGloss is a 2-part, high-gloss, water-based, sublimation coating for hard surfaces. Every purchase includes PolyGloss, catalyst, and measuring tools. How long do dye sublimation prints last? According to, dye sublimation ozone resistance ranges from approximately one decade to many. what is a sublimation coating? A one-part clear coating to convert virtually any heat and […]

What happened BackTrack?

BackTrack. BackTrack was a Linux distribution that focused on security, based on the Knoppix Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. In March 2013, the Offensive Security team rebuilt BackTrack around the Debian distribution and released it under the name Kali Linux. Is Kali Linux illegal? Kali Linux is just a tool. […]

Why is it important to recycle things?

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved. What are three advantages of […]

How is the pig cooked at a luau?

River rocks are heated by burning wood, and once the rocks are hot, the burning wood is removed, and the meat is placed on top of the burning hot rocks. The meat is then covered by layers of banana leaves to hold in the steam and smoke, and the meat slow cooks for hours within […]

How long did it take to build the Brooklyn Bridge?

14 years Why is the Brooklyn Bridge so famous? The Brooklyn Bridge is famous because there had never been a bridge like it before. When it was finished in 1883, it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge and the longest suspension bridge in the world. It was the first bridge to connect Brooklyn to Manhattan […]

How many sailors were on the USS Alabama?

The USS Alabama Battleship, and the 2,500 crew members aboard her, received nine Battle Stars in World War II. For a year, “The Might A,” as she was called, served in the Atlantic ocean before joining the Pacific Fleet in mid-1943. Did the USS Alabama sink any ships? The USS Drum The submarine conducted 13 […]

Which type of account does not need an adjusting entry?

Cash Accounts When adjusting journal entries, you generally will never need to create an adjusting journal entry for the cash account. Accountants debit cash throughout the month to record inflows of cash and credit the cash account to reflect money going out of the business. What accounts are not adjusted? Accounts Receivable and Payable Accounts Receivable is an asset account, while Accounts Payable is a liability account. These two accounts […]

What plant looks like wild mustard?

Sinapis arvensis, the charlock mustard, field mustard, wild mustard or charlock, is an annual or winter annual plant of the genus Sinapis in the family Brassicaceae. It is found in the fields of North Africa, Asia and Europe. What is the local name of mustard? Brassica nigra. L. Brassica nigra, the black mustard, is an […]

What are the most important nutrients for the human body?

Essential nutrients can be grouped into 6 categories: Carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Carbohydrates, protein, and fat are macronutrients because they make up most of your diet. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients because you need them in much smaller amounts. What is the most important nutrient? Water is the Most Important Nutrient. Nutritionists […]

How does car gas tank work?

A car’s gas tank is responsible for holding the vast majority of the gas in the fuel system. This tank can be filled from the outside via a small hole that is sealed with a gas cap when not in use. The gas then goes through a few steps before it reaches the engine: The […]

What does Cpai 84 mean?

CPAI–84 is a standard for flammability of recreational tents. It was set by the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The name CPAI stands for Canvas Products Association International, which used to be the name of IFAI. What does NFPA 260 mean? NFPA 260, Standard Methods of Tests and Classification System for Cigarette Ignition Resistance of Components […]

Is Triazicide pet safe?

With most insecticides, such as Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate, it is safe for pets to be back into the treated area after it has completely dried. How long does it take Triazicide to work? Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate starts to affect insects as soon as it is […]

What’s a dive cartwheel?

A dive cartwheel is the next step after learning a regular cartwheel and the one before doing a round off. It is more complicated than a regular cartwheel and can require extra training and precautions. What does a cartwheel look like? A cartwheel is a sideways rotary movement of the body. It is performed by […]

What is a die drill?

Die Drills are designed for drilling into 48-65 RC hardened steels. They produce very accurate holes and can be used as a reamer. Drills produce such accurate holes that extra reaming operations can usually be eliminated. What is the process of die cutting? Die-cutting is a process whereby a die is used to cut through […]

How do you stop ash borers?

The most common way to control the emerald ash borer is to drench the soil around the tree with diluted insecticide. The tree absorbs the insecticide through its roots, killing the beetles as they feed on the tissues of the trunk laced with insecticide. How often should you treat for emerald ash borer? Treatments are […]

How do you grow hierbabuena?

How to Grow Yerba Buena Remove the weeds from an area with full to partial shade exposure. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. Water the plant once a week during the summer when there is no rain. Spray the leaves whenever they become dusty during the summer. What […]

Where do you install a whole house surge protector?

Mounting the Surge Protector on the Main Panel Box The first and most crucial step for the install is to flip the main switch outside of your electric panel box. This turns the breakers off and cuts off power to your house. How often should a whole house surge protector be replaced? If it’s really […]

Do stains come out of polyester?

REMOVING DRIED STAINS FROM POLYESTER Dried stains on polyester don’t have to be permanent. If you need to get a stain out of a polyester dress that has dried, soaking in a mixture of warm water and detergent will typically loosen and revive the stain so that pre-treatment steps can be taken. What stains does […]

Can you TIG weld pot metal?

Pot metal is made from aluminum, zinc, copper and possibly a few other low melting point metals in various combinations. It’s the zinc that makes it a pain to weld because zinc has such a low melting point and also tries to out-gas when tig welded. But It can be welded with few problems if […]

Which type of account is most suitable for Sofia’s needs?

market money account Which type of banking institution is most suitable for Glenn and Maggies business? commercial bank Answer: A commercial bank. May 5, 2020 Which of these is the best reason for Nina to maintain up-to-date and accurate records? Reasons behind maintaining the up-to-date record: Nina should maintain an up-to-date record of her bank […]

What insects are repelled by mothballs?

The label on a typical mothball box usually mentions two insects that the mothballs may be used against. They are moths (go figure) and carpet beetles. What to use instead of mothballs? 4 Natural Alternatives for Mothballs Cedar Chips. Use cedar chips as a useful alternative for protecting fabrics in your closet from moths. Hang […]

What is the base of hexadecimal number system Why?

Hexadecimal values Hexadecimal is similar to the octal numeral system (base 8) because each can be easily compared to the binary numeral system. Hexadecimal uses a four-bit binary coding. This means that each digit in hexadecimal is the same as four digits in binary. What is hexadecimal format? The hexadecimal numeral system, often shortened to […]

Can you cut brick with a multi tool?

Cutting through cement, brick or stone can be very easy and your multi-saw will shine like a star when you use the right oscillating blade. However, for the toughest materials like rock, concrete, brick, stone, and grout, the best option is to use is a diamond blade saw. Are multi tool blades universal? When it […]

How do you waterfall a stair carpet?

The “Waterfall” method involves bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser to meet the next tread. Without molding it to the riser, it creates a waterfall effect. It is the most common installation method because of the clean look. What is the best Colour carpet for stairs? Suitable […]

How do you pronounce Alaia designer?

How To Pronounce Designer Names Anna Sui: anna swee. Ann Demeulemeester: ann de-mule-eh-meester. Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah. Badgley Mischka: badge-lee meesh-kah. Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah. Balmain: bahl-mahhhhn. How do you pronounce Alaya? How To Pronounce Alaya aa-l-ay-aa. Uh-lay-ya. how do you pronounce the name Alaia? Azzedine Alaia is a well-known fashion designer and his surname is pronounced […]

What is the highest pass in Washington State?

Sherman Pass (el. 5575 ft./1699 m.) is a high mountain pass that crosses the Kettle River Range in the state of Washington. It is the highest pass in the state maintained all year. The pass is located on the Sherman Pass Scenic Byway which traverses the Colville National Forest. What is the deadliest highway in […]

What can you use in place of a pressing cloth?

A tea cloth or kitchen cloth works just fine as a pressing cloth, and it makes a great barrier for delicate fabrics because kitchen towels tend to be thicker. You can even dampen the cloth before ironing to add a little steam. Plain woven cotton canvas similar to tea cloths also make for a good […]

Can you get white giraffe?

One white giraffe remains in the park — an adult male — and it may be the last white giraffe in the world, the conservancy said. The white giraffes are not albino, the conservancy noted, but they have a condition called leucism, which causes a partial loss of skin pigmentation. Are white snakes rare? A […]

Can a marriage license be post dated?

No. The date on the marriage certificate must be the date you were legally married. How much does the marriage license cost? Cost. there is a $40 government fee for the Marriage Licence. contact a registry agent office as service fees vary. you must pay for the Marriage Licence before you receive it. can you […]

How do you get rid of spider mites on hydrangeas?

The best way to get rid of spider mites on your hydrangeas is to keep them moist and to use an insecticide. Spray the hydrangeas with cool water. The force and weight from the water may be enough to knock the mites off and prevent them from coming back. Keep the soil moist at all […]

What is the archway?

noun Architecture. an entrance or passage under an arch. a covering or enclosing arch. Why did Sirius Black die? Sirius died after Bellatrix struck him with a curse that sent him falling through the veil. Years later, Harry paid tribute to Sirius by naming his first son James Sirius Potter. what is the archway in […]

Are Lennox furnaces reliable?

Lennox Furnace Efficiency Review – Lennox SLP98V Furnace. The Lennox Signature series furnaces range from an AFUE rating of 80% to 98%. Their premium model, the SLP98V is right around 98% in efficiency, and you can’t get much better than that. What are the top 5 furnaces? Here’s a quick roundup of some of the […]

How does a grounding rod work?

The only purpose of a ground rod or a group of ground rods forming a ground field is to have a designed electrical path to dissipate a static discharge voltage (which can be lightning or other forms of static electricity) to the earth. If current is flowing on the conductor going to earth a ground […]

Why are Gestalt principles important?

Gestalt theorists have been incredibly influential in the areas of sensation and perception. Gestalt principles such as figure-ground relationship, grouping by proximity or similarity, the law of good continuation, and closure are all used to help explain how we organize sensory information. What is Gestalt explained simply? Gestalt, by definition, refers to the form or […]

How does citrate regulate fatty acid synthesis?

Recall that this enzyme catalyzes the committed step in fatty acid synthesis: the production of malonyl CoA (the activated two-carbon donor). The levels of citrate, palmitoyl CoA, and AMP within a cell also exert control. Citrate, a signal that building blocks and energy are abundant, activates the carboxylase. How is co2 used in fatty acid […]

Do Toro snow blowers have shear pins?

Toro two-stage snowblowers do not use shear pins. The commercial-grade gear case makes the need for a shear pin unnecessary. If the auger hits an obstruction or is over-loaded with snow, the engine may shut off, so that you can remove the key, clear the obstruction safely with a stick and get back to work. […]

What is the difference between armed stay and Armed away?

Armed Stay is designed for when you plan on arming the system and staying in the home. Armed Away is for when you plan on arming the system and leaving the home. Again, an even wittier name. Arming in the Away Mode will not automatically bypass any sensors, and the entire system, including motion sensors […]

Can I renew my driver’s license online in North Carolina?

Driver License Renewal Drivers can renew their license up to six months before it expires at any NCDMV driver license office, and in many cases, online. Licenses can be renewed online up to two years after the expiration date, otherwise renewals must be done in-person at an NCDMV office. Do you have to take a […]

What are Kepler’s 3 laws?

There are actually three, Kepler’s laws that is, of planetary motion: 1) every planet’s orbit is an ellipse with the Sun at a focus; 2) a line joining the Sun and a planet sweeps out equal areas in equal times; and 3) the square of a planet’s orbital period is proportional to the cube of […]

Does Sir Walter grass go brown in winter?

During the winter months, Sir Walter Buffalo may lose a lot of its colour, and it’s a natural process. According to recent studies, it has been concluded that some buffalo grass type can lose their colour and turn brown more than other buffalo types can. Can you over water Sir Walter? Sir Walter Premium Lawn […]

What is rad in a child?

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a condition found in children who may have received grossly negligent care and do not form a healthy emotional attachment with their primary caregivers — usually their mothers — before age 5. At what age does reactive attachment disorder occur? Reactive attachment disorder is most common among children between 9 […]

Is Armor All good for car interior?

Don’t get me wrong, Armor All makes some good products. Using Armor All on your cars interior isn’t going to necessarily ruin it. But when it comes to protecting your plastics and rubber, you can do better. While applying Armor All to most interior surfaces is less than ideal, it isn’t the end of the […]

How do I become a nail technician in NY?

Nail Technician School and License Requirements in New York Complete Nail Specialist Education and Training. Submit your Exam and License Application. Pass the Required Board Exams. Begin your Career and Keep your License Current. Can I get my nail tech license online? Most states require nail technicians to hold a state license before offering nail […]

How much should you spend on a chandelier?

The cost of installing ceiling mounted fixtures such as chandeliers and flush-mounted light fixtures comes at an average cost of $88 to $222. Chandeliers are the most common types of light fixtures that suit dining rooms and can achieve both traditional and modern stylish designs. How hard is it to change a chandelier? Remove Old […]

Which type of automated bidding strategy is target return on ad spend?

Which type of automated bidding strategy is Target return on ad spend (ROAS)? Target ROAS comes under “Revenue-focused Bidding” automated bidding strategy. Choose this bid strategy if you’re tracking the revenue or value associated with your conversions and want to maximize it. Feb 17, 2021 Which type of automated bidding strategy is enhanced cost per […]

Which is correct thaw or Unthaw?

The adjective unthawed means still frozen. The totally illogical, unnecessary use of the verb unthaw to mean exactly the same as the verb thaw should always be discouraged in order to avoid confusion. The verb thaw means unfreeze, and it logically follows that unthaw should mean un-unfreeze, or simply refreeze. Do you say thaw or Unthaw? Note: Although unthaw as a synonym of thaw […]

Which type of bond is present in hydrogen sulfide h2s )?

polar covalent bonds If the atoms have very similar electronegativities, they form non-polar covalent bonds. In H2S, the S atom is bonded to 2 H atoms. The electronegativity of H = 2.2 and S= 2.56. Since the difference is not high the bond formed will be covalent (polar covalent). Which type of bond is in H2S molecule? covalent bond Therefore, it share 2 electron […]

Can you find asbestos in concrete?

It is found in concrete and concrete-like products. Asbestos-containing cement products generally contain Portland cement, aggregate, and chrysotile fibers. Asbestos cement products are used as siding and roofing shingles; as wallboard; as corrugated and flat sheets for roofing, cladding, and partitions; and as pipes. Is there asbestos in concrete dust? It can, but not all […]

Is it good to put car in neutral?

Putting auto transmission in neutral doesn’t do anything but force you to shift to drive in order to take off. It doesn’t appreciably reduce engine wear or save fuel. If your clutch foot slips, you’ll stall the engine or launch through that red light. Shift to neutral and keep your foot on the brake pedal. […]

What was the main religion of the Aztecs?

The Aztec religion originated from the indigenous Aztecs of central Mexico. Like other Mesoamerican religions, it also has practices such as human sacrifice in connection with many religious festivals which are in the Aztec calendar. Who is the sun god of the Aztecs? But the Aztecs had another sun god – Huitzilopochtli. Huitzilopochtli (hummingbird of […]

What is a minimally conscious state?

Description. The minimally conscious state is a defined as severely altered consciousness in which minimal but definite, sustained and/or reproducible behavioral evidence of awareness of self or environment is demonstrated. A person may enter a minimally conscious state after being in a coma or vegetative state. How long does minimally conscious state last? four weeks […]