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What does freezing point of water mean?

Medical Definition of freezing point : the temperature at which a liquid solidifies specifically : the temperature at which the liquid and solid states of the substance are in equilibrium at atmospheric pressure : melting point the freezing point of water is 0° Celsius or 32° Fahrenheit. How does water freeze? Freezing happens when the […]

Can psychologists detect lies?

Deception detection. Research has consistently shown that people’s ability to detect lies is no more accurate than chance, or flipping a coin. This finding holds across all types of people — students, psychologists, judges, job interviewers and law enforcement personnel (Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2006). What are the 5 signs that someone is lying? […]

Can you use a Dremel on your feet?

As you become more comfortable using the Dremel MultiTool on your feet you will be able to work on hard pads of skin on the side of the toes or foot. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest and easily removes dried skin. Do pedicures make your feet worse? You’re getting pedicures too often Many women […]

What is the average cost of a boutonniere and corsage?

Our average boutonniere prices are around $14.99, with prices ranging from $11.99 to $39.95. Corsage prices are around $25.99 on average, with a range from $24.95 to $39.95. … What is the average cost of a boutonniere and corsage? Bridal Party Flowers Total Cost Boutonniere $15–$25 each (average cost $18) Corsage $35 Which of the following is correct order of dipole moment? Since the […]

How do you spell Maylay?

noun. a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people. confusion; turmoil; jumble: the melee of Christmas shopping. What does Maylay mean? melee \MAY-lay\ noun. : a confused struggle; especially : a hand-to-hand fight among several people. Why is melee pronounced Maylay? 3 Answers. Melee comes from French, to fight, and is pronounced by French […]

Where does Tamera Mowry Housley live?

The Housley Napa Valley Tasting Room is located at 1038 Clinton St, Napa, CA, 94559; 707-690-9192. What does Tia Mowry do for a living? Singer Writer Businessperson Voice acting Television producer where does Tia Mowry live? Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict of “Sister, Sister” fame has sold a family home in Agoura Hills for $1.545 million. The […]

Will bleach kill plants and trees?

Bleach will not only affect plant growth, but will most likely kill a plant altogether. While chlorine in small doses is harmless or even beneficial to plants, concentrated chlorine such as bleach will destroy a plant and the network of life that plant depends on to obtain nutrients and thrive. How long does it take for bleach to kill plants? about two days Bleach – Not only is bleach a spot remover, it is a […]

Why is the groom not supposed to see Bride?

You’ve probably heard that it’s bad luck to see your fiancé on the wedding day before your ceremony. The reason being that, back when marriages were arranged, the bride and groom weren’t allowed to see or meet each other at all until they were at the altar. Why do brides cry at their weddings? Supposedly, […]

What are the different types of salad greens?

**9 Common Types of Salad Greens** Green Leaf or Red Leaf Lettuce. These two lettuces are packed with bright leafy flavor. Arugula. Arugula has a peppery bite to its lacy and delicate leaves. Napa Cabbage. Bibb, Butter, or Boston Lettuce. Frisee & Chicory. Escarole. Romaine. Iceberg. What are the five types of salads? Types of […]

What is a Fence Stile?

A stile is a structure or opening that provides people passage over or through a boundary via steps, ladders, or narrow gaps. Stiles are often built in rural areas along footpaths, fences, walls, or hedges that enclose animals, allowing people to move freely. What is a fence crossing called? A stile is a structure or […]

How many watts does it take to start a freezer?

Home Applications Approximate Starting Wattage (what is this?) Approximate Running Wattage (what is this?) Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star) 1200 132-192 Microwave Oven 650 watts 1000 1000 800 watts 1300 1300 Can a 2000 watt generator run a freezer? Powering a Deep Freezer, Microwave, Electric Grill or Electric Stove. … A 2000 watt generator could power a 500 watt deep freezer and one element […]

What President closed Alcatraz?

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Alcatraz Island Location San Francisco Bay, California Closed March 21, 1963 Managed by Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice Director Wardens James A. Johnston (1934–48) Edwin B. Swope (1948–55) Paul J. Madigan (1955–61) Olin G. Blackwell (1961–63) Are there sharks around Alcatraz? Are (or were) the waters around Alcatraz really shark […]

What happened to Jodi on mom?

Mom just lost one of its own to a drug overdose. Jodi (recurring guest star Emily Osment) died unexpectedly in Thursday’s episode after falling off the wagon with her fellow recovering addict boyfriend. … Viewers watched beloved character and teen addict Jodi, played by Emily Osment, die from a drug overdose How are different types of cancer categorized? Cancers […]

How much does it cost to replace a bumper on a pool table?

Pool Table Bumper Replacement. Pool table bumper replacement costs $50 to $90. Cushion facing is added to the ends of the rail rubbers and rail. Bumpers should last for 10 to 20 years on a good quality pool table. When should I replace my pool table bumper? From time to time you may have to have your pool table’s felt surface repaired […]

Do deer and rabbits eat dahlias?

Flower beds provide nutritious fodder for hungry deer, so well-tended, fertilized dahlias can attract them. Dahlias supply carbohydrates and minerals. In an area where deer don’t usually eat dahlias, these vibrant flowers and fleshy greens might be decimated by deer if the deer population increases. Do rabbits eat dahlias? We do not recommend allowing your bunnies to eat dahlias since they could potentially be harmful. Most plants […]

Why did Kalinda leave good wife?

At the end of season two, we find out that Kalinda once slept with Alicia’s husband. Speculation continued after creators and showrunners Robert King and Michelle King announced that Kalinda would be leaving the series after season six. The Kings denied it was due to any bad blood between Panjabi and Margulies. Did Kalinda sleep […]

How warm should air come out of vent?

The air coming out should be 14 to 20 degrees cooler than the air flowing in. Move the thermometer to a vent in each room or area of your home. If any of the vents are much colder or warmer than another, there may be a problem with the ductwork, or the distance may be too great […]

What is a cute nickname for Madelyn?

Common Nicknames for Madelyn: Maddy. Madie. … Nickname Finder: Madelyn Maddi. Maddie. Mady. Madi. Maddi. Maddie. Mady. Madi. What is a periodic and cumulative sentence? The periodic sentence is built on suspense and delay: it puts maximum emphasis on the way the sentence ends. The cumulative sentence aims for upfront impact; there is no suspense, but rather, the […]

How do you plant a sonic bloom weigela?

Plant a Sonic Bloom weigela near an early spring blooming tree or shrub. Once the early bloomer is finished, the Sonic Bloom weigela will cycle into bloom and bring color to that part of the landscape for the rest of the season. Is weigela fast growing? Modern-day Weigela hybrids and cultivars are hardy, fast-growing and […]

How can we live in space?

In space, astronauts live in a very small space. They have to keep their area clean in space just like we do on Earth. In space, the astronauts wipe the walls, floors, and windows to keep them clean. They use a soap that kills germs. What does space smell like? When astronauts return from space […]

How much is the average snow removal cost?

The average cost of residential snow removal is $30 to $100 for up to 6″ and $30 per additional 6″. Snow plowers charge $25 to $75 per hour, with contract prices at $200 to $600 per season. Commercial snow plowing rates are $50 to $200 per hour for parking lots and $150 to $350 per […]

How many strawberries are produced per plant?

The average strawberry plant will produce up to 1 quart of strawberries per plant. And this is only when it’s in good production mode, with good growing conditions (estimating a harvesting season to lasts 3 to 4 weeks.) How many strawberries do you get per plant? How Many Strawberries Should I Plant? During a good growing season, you can expect to get […]

How much does a Snugtop camper shell cost?

Herein, how much do Snugtop camper shells cost? $1,200-$1,800 (installed) is a good estimate, depending on features. NOTE: All prices are for full-size trucks, and are averages based on vehicle. … How much does a Snugtop camper shell cost? List Price: $1,181.53 You Save: $366.54 (31%) How much does a new Snugtop cost? $1,200-$1,800 (installed) is […]

What happens after a full mouth debridement?

About 2-3 weeks later, after your gums have healed a little bit and the inflammation has gone down (your gums might be a little sore after the debridement, since they’will be free of plaque and tartar for the first time in a long time!), you will come back for a second appointment, where any remaining […]

What is the Frontozygomatic suture?

The zygomaticofrontal suture (or frontozygomatic suture) is the cranial suture between the zygomatic bone and the frontal bone. The suture can be palpated just lateral to the eye. What is the function of suture? A suture ‘s fibrous connective tissue helps protect the brain and form the face by strongly uniting the adjacent skull bones. […]

What does an open and closed circle mean in inequalities?

Inequalities on a number line Inequalities can be shown on a number line. Open circles are used for numbers that are less than or greater than (< or >). Closed circles are used for numbers that are less than or equal to and greater than or equal to (≤ or ≥). What does a closed dot mean in inequalities? Here is a summary of how […]

What are the APAC countries?

APAC Countries | Asia-Pacific Countries 2020 Rank Country Population 2019 1 China 1,433,783,686 2 India 1,366,417,754 3 Indonesia 270,625,568 4 Pakistan 216,565,318 What does EMEA stand for? Europe, the Middle East and what countries are in APAC region? About Us Australia Japan Palau China Mongolia Solomon Islands Chile Nauru South Korea Cook Islands Nepal Sri […]

Is grapefruit juice OK for diabetics?

Drinking grapefruit juice improved insulin sensitivity in mice, regardless of their diet (in people, reduced insulin sensitivity can be a sign of impending diabetes). Grapefruit juice lowered blood sugar as effectively as metformin, a drug widely used to treat people with type 2 diabetes. Why should diabetics not eat grapefruit? These studies showed that grapefruit […]

Is PNEA a root word?

WORD THAT USE –PNEA The form –pnea comes from the Greek pneîn, meaning “to breathe.” What does PNEA mean? Psychogenic non-epileptic attacks Psychogenic non-epileptic attacks (PNEA) are behaviors described as a sudden, violent outburst or a fit of violent action or emotion. These attacks resemble epileptic seizures, but are caused by underlying psychological factors rather than by neurological or […]

Why are mice active at night?

For mice in the wild, they are usually most active around the hours of dusk and dawn. The low light conditions at these times offer mice the most protection from predators. However, a house mouse is usually most active at night, when the people of the house are sleeping. What attracts mice to your bedroom? […]

What does seaweed add to soil?

Seaweed garden nutrients are relatively low in nitrogen and phosphorus but contain about 60 other trace elements, as well as fungal and disease preventatives. Using seaweed for compost improves soil consistency and increases water retention in sandy or grainy soils and may be used as a top or side dressing. What is the best seaweed […]

What size is 30×42?

What size is 30×42? Size Inches Millimeters ARCH C 18 x 24 457 × 610 ARCH D 24 x 36 610 × 914 ARCH E 36 x 48 914 × 1219 ARCH E1 30 x 42 762 × 1067 What is 30×42 paper called? Business or small format sizes are much more varied, but the […]

How big is a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut?

6 inches Pizza Hut serves three sizes: personal pan, medium, and large. Note: eateries do not always clearly list the size of their pizza in inches. [A personal pan at Pizza Hut is 6 inches in diameter. How many slices are in a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut? four slices According to the Pizza Hut website, there are four slices in each Personal Pan pizza. Dec […]

What is extra creamy butter?

Extra Creamy Salted Butter. It has a creamier texture and richer flavor than regular salted butter because it’s churned for a higher milk fat content. It’s a pure butter experience that raises the bar for baking. Available in individually wrapped sticks to keep butter tasting fresh longer. What is the best butter in UK? Lurpak […]

What is considered tall in America?

That said, the general consensus is that 6′0″ is low tall, 6′1″ the start of “tall”, 6′2″ definitely solid tall, and 6′3″ and over is undoubtedly tall-very tall. The bottom line is that 6′1″- 6′2″ barefoot are considered “tall” for males. What height is considered tall for a man in USA? In the United States, I would say 6′ is the […]

How much meat can you get from an elk?

Most average bull elk will yield 190 to 225 pounds of boneless meat, while an average cow produces about 160 pounds of meat. How many pounds is an elk? Bull: 700 pounds (315 kg) (Tule elk: 400 lbs., Roosevelt’s elk: 900 lbs.) How much does it cost to have an elk butchered? An average sized bull elk should cost no more than $300 […]

What is a good tree to plant in memory of someone?

Good choices for a tree memorial: Oak- the mighty symbol of strength. Flowering dogwood- a beloved and beautiful accent tree. Ginkgo- the classic “memory” tree. Japanese red maple- a striking accent beauty. What is a living tribute? A Living Tribute is an organization that plants trees as gifts on National Forests, state forests and communities […]

Which plan was hit upon for Shivaji’s escape from the siege?

The Maratha ruler refused to bow down or surrender and hatched a plan to escape from Panhalgad to Vishalgad instead. His main confidants in this elaborate plan were his commander-in-chief Baji Prabhu Deshpande and his personal barber Shiva Kashid. Shivaji knew he had to escape before the monsoons ended. How did Baji Prabhu died? Killed […]

What does Portege mean?

Definition of protégé : one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence. What do you call a person who is being mentored? The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), an apprentice or, in the […]

How do you reheat pork tenderloin?

Reheating pork tenderloin can be quickly done on the stovetop over gentle heat in a simple frying pan. Regular, cast iron, nonstick — it doesn’t really matter too much, but just make sure that you have a lid that fits the pan of your choice. How do you reheat a pork loin without drying it out? Reheating Pork […]

What is the CPT code for CBC with differential?

85025 A: A “CBC with diff” correlates to CPT code 85025, which includes an automated differential because most individuals have sufficient counts to obtain results. Do you spin down a CBC? Do NOT centrifuge. Transport temperature: Refrigerated (preferred) or room temperature. Apr 29, 2019 Can you bill 97530 and 97535 together? Some other therapy code combinations […]

What are gastric Caeca?

Gastric caeca are midgut projections that are an evolutionary consequence of the feeding habits of insects. These projections vary among taxa in shape, number, size and site from which they arise from the midgut. What is the function of the gastric Caeca? The gastric caeca serve to increase the surface area of the midgut, thus […]

What does unsub mean in criminal minds?

Unknown subject “Unknown subject” or “Unidentified subject of an investigation”, jargon for person of interest used in some American TV crime shows. Unsub, an analytics service by Our Research to help libraries cancel subscriptions. Does it cost to use 811? Whether you are a homeowner or a professional excavator, your call to 811 allows affected facility […]

What cycle do you wash shoes on?

Using liquid detergent, run the washer on a cold delicate cycle. Depending on your washer, the wash time varies from 30 to 40 minutes. Remove the sneakers from the washer and allow them to air dry. NEVER put shoes in the dryer, as the heat may warp them or damage the glue that keeps them […]

How many cups is 120 mL of water?

0.50721 Cup How much is 120 ml of water in cups? U.S. and Metric Volume Equivalents U.S. Volume Metric Volume (ml/l) 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons/2 ounces) 60 ml 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons/4 ounces) 120 ml 3/4 cup (12 tablespoons/6 ounces) 180 ml 1 cup (16 tablespoons/8 ounces) 240 ml 16 more rows Is 120 ml […]

Are kippers bad for you?

It’s hard to believe you can get more health kicks out of a serving of kippers, but it’s true. They are also a source of essential minerals, which are important for building strong bones, teeth, blood, hair, muscles and metabolic processes (such as turning food into energy). What snacks go with kippers? Using a fork, […]

How does CPAP improve oxygenation and ventilation in patients?

CPAP differs from bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) where the pressure delivered differs based on whether the patient is inhaling or exhaling. … The application of CPAP maintains PEEP, can decrease atelectasis, increases the surface area of the alveolus, improves V/Q matching, and hence, improves oxygenation Is CPAP a ventilation or oxygenation? CPAP provides oxygenation but not ventilation, which is the actual movement of air […]

Can you call ahead to Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse does not take reservations. On their website it states- While Texas Roadhouse doesn’t take reservations, we do offer Call Ahead Seating*. Just make a quick call to your local Texas Roadhouse and the hostess will put you on the waiting list just like if you walked through the front door. How far in advance can you do call ahead seating at Texas Roadhouse? about 1 hour We do […]

What is a scuttle in a house?

A scuttle attic is an attic space accessed by a small hole in the ceiling. … Because the term ”scuttle attic” refers to the opening rather than the attic itself, you might also see it called a scuttle hole or an attic hatch. Scuttle attics were often used in older homes. How can I make my attic hole bigger? How to Enlarge a […]

How do you write an analysis for a science project?

Key Info Review your data. Calculate an average for the different trials of your experiment, if appropriate. Make sure to clearly label all tables and graphs. Place your independent variable on the x-axis of your graph and the dependent variable on the y-axis. What is analysis in scientific method? Analysis is a summary of the […]

Does a field goal count if it hits the upright?

Re: FIELD GOAL – BALL HITS UPRIGHT Please keep in mind that the ball doesn’t become dead immediately when it touches the upright. If it touches the post and passes through it’s a score. But if the ball bounces back into the field and touches something then it’s over. Can a quarterback throw a field […]

What eats butterfly bushes?

Even though the butterfly bush has good resistance against pests and diseases, some predators such as wasps, spiders, birds, ants, aphids and flies can threaten it. Japanese beetles, spider mites and a species known as the checkerspot butterfly are also known to attack this plant. Are butterfly bushes poisonous to dogs? The butterfly bush, or […]

What is an analytical cross sectional study design?

Descriptive cross–sectional studies simply characterize the prevalence of a health outcome in a specified population. In analytical cross–sectional studies, data on the prevalence of both exposure and a health outcome are obtained for the purpose of comparing health outcome differences between exposed and unexposed. What are the 4 types of research design? The design of […]

How do I get my unofficial transcript from Csulb?

Unofficial Transcripts If you are a current CSULB student, you may view and print your unofficial transcript from your MyCSULB Student Center: In the Academics section, select Unofficial Transcript from the pull-down menu. Choose CSU Long Beach as the Academic Institution. Choose Unofficial Transcript as the Report . How do I get my transcripts from Csulb? To order transcripts from CSULB, please visit Student Records […]

How do you kill horsetail scouring rush?

Spray the herbicide solution onto the scouring rush horsetail weeds until all portions of the stem are damp. Avoid spraying the herbicide on other areas of the lawn, as it kills all vegetation. Wait a week and examine the scouring rush horsetail to see if it’s brown. Retreat any weeds that remain green. How do […]

What is the relationship between sin i and sin r?

At the point of incidence, the incident ray, refracted ray and normal all lie in the same plane. When light is travelling from air to a denser medium, the angle of incidence and angle of refraction are related by the ratio sin i / sin r = n whereby n is the refractive index of […]

What are the clinical signs and symptoms of vaso occlusive disorders?

One of the most severe forms is the acute chest syndrome which occurs as a result of infarction of the lung parenchyma. This can rapidly result in death. Other types of vaso-occlusive crisis in sickle cell anemia include dactylitis, priapism, abdominal pain, and jaundice. What causes a vaso occlusive crisis? Triggers of vaso-occlusive crisis include […]

Can you jump both batteries on a diesel?

Even though diesel-powered vehicles can have dual batteries or one oversized battery, it’s possible to jump-start a diesel from the battery on a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. If either vehicle has dual batteries, always attach the jumper cables to the battery with thicker cables. Should I replace both batteries in my Diesel? How Often Do You […]

What is Cdpusersvc_?

What is CDPUserSvc? The “CDPUserSvc” is related directly to the Connected Devices Platform Service, it is in fact a component of the service and Microsoft describes the service as “This user service is used for Connected Devices Platform scenarios“. What is the CDPUserSvc service? Provides apps with access to structured user data, including contact info, […]

What do great blue herons eat?

Great blue herons primarily feed on small fish, but they are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever comes within striking distance. They occasionally snack on shrimp, crabs, small mammals, amphibians, small birds, rodents, and insects. Do people eat blue heron? Great blue herons primarily feed on small fish, but they are opportunistic feeders and will […]

How can I grow potatoes better?

Best for Wet Yards: Wire Cylinders Put several inches of soil in the bottom, then plant three or four seed potatoes and cover them with 3 inches of soil. Continue to add soil as the potatoes grow. To harvest, lift the cylinder and pull the soil back to expose the tubers. How long does it […]

How do I install Broan grill?

VIDEO What is Roomside installation? Roomside Install bathroom fans come equipped with an installation mechanism that allows the installer to install the fan without climbing up into the attic and attaching it to the joists. do bathroom exhaust fans need to be vented outside? 4 Answers. Bathroom vent fans must be vented to the out […]

What defines the kingdom fungi?

The kingdom Fungi includes a vast variety of organisms such as mushrooms, yeast, and mold, made up of feathery filaments called hyphae (collectively called mycelium). Fungi are multicellular and eukaryotic. They are also heterotrophs, and gain nutrition through absorption. Do fungi have chloroplasts? Fungi do not have chloroplasts. Kingdom Fungi are single-celled or multicellular, heterotrophic […]

Why is a kite not a parallelogram?

kite is not a parallelogram as none of its sides are is qudrilateral. only if the kite is square shaped,it is a parallelogram as it has parallel sides. Why is a kite never a parallelogram? A kite is a quadrilateral with two disjoint pairs (no side is in both pairs) of equal-length, adjacent (sharing a vertex) sides. A parallelogram also has […]

Does organic chicken smell like rotten eggs?

According to multiple websites, raw chicken meat should not have a distinct smell to it. Generally, the eggy smell in chicken meat is due to Salmonella enterica, a bacteria that causes the chicken to release hydrogen sulfide gas, which is what smells like eggs. Is it safe to eat chicken that smells like eggs? 4 Answers. Raw meat should not have a smell to it. … […]

How long is District 9?

1h 52m What is the story of District 9? Thirty years ago, aliens arrive on Earth — not to conquer or give aid, but — to find refuge from their dying planet. Separated from humans in a South African area called District 9, the aliens are managed by Multi-National United, which is unconcerned with the […]

What is the cap on the top of my outdoor faucet?

The vacuum cap is circular and about an inch in diameter, and it either slips or screws onto the top of the faucet. The device underneath it is known as a vacuum breaker or an anti-siphon valve. The supply pipes for most exterior faucets tie into a cold water main that also supplies water to other parts of the house. What are […]

Are Casey and Catrina from Texas Flip married?

Casey and Catrina Are Not Married to Each Other Casey’s wife is Tosha and they have four kids. Are Katrina and Casey married? Casey and Catrina Are Not Married to Each Other Casey’s wife is Tosha and they have four kids. While Catrina’s husband is Mark and they, too, have 4 kids. Casey works with his family’s house moving […]

How do you open a fire door?

However leaving fire doors wedged or propped open disregards the safety of others. It is also against the law. The only safe way for fire doors to be held open is with special devices that release them to close automatically when the fire alarm is activated. Can you put hooks on fire doors? Door Hooks. […]

How do you reset the tire pressure sensor on a 2008 Chevy Impala?

Press and hold the “Check” icon beneath the “i” button. This is the reset button. After a second or two, this resets your TPMS system and rechecks the tire pressure. Why wont my low tire pressure light go off? When the TPMS warning light comes ON and stays ON, this indicates a low tire pressure […]

Can I get a extension on my Metro PCS bill?

MetroPCS now only gives you a bill extension of 48 hours. To get the extension, you will have to wait for your account to be suspended. Once this happens, you will have to contact Metro by T-Mobile or visit a physical store for assistance. How do I get an extension on my MetroPCS phone? To get the 48-hour extension, you will have to wait until your phone […]

How healthy are Lunchables?

Nutritionally, Lunchables are generally too high in sodium. … But Ham + Swiss with Crackers variety Lunchables, for instance, contain 1,130 milligrams of sodium (from the salty ham, cheese and crackers), nearly an entire day’s worth. Various other varieties contain upwards of 800 milligrams of sodium. Are Lunchables processed food? There is a wide array of Lunchables products […]

Can turkeys fly video?

A wild turkey can fly. Slow motion video capture of a turkey flying from the ground up into a tree. They take short flights, but can get incredible heights. How far do turkeys roam? Wild turkeys generally move a mile or two in one day depending on habitat and distance to food and water sources. […]

Are Rhode Island Reds loud?

Our Rhode Island Reds are the quieter ones of all our breeds. Most of the time we don’t know they’ve laid an egg. We’ll see them in nest box & figure they’re either about to lay an egg or already laid one. They get up without a problem when we reach under them, unlike the […]

How old is ob1kenobi

Obi Wan age Obi-Wan Kenobi is introduced in the original Star Wars film living as a 57-year old hermit by the name of Ben Kenobi on the planet Tatooine. Voiced by: showas Ben Kenobi:: Stephen Stan… Title: Padawan (Episode I); Jedi Knight (Episode … Portrayed by: Alec Guinness (Episodes IV–VI); … Apprentices: Anakin Skywalker; Luke […]

What is the ICD 10 code for tortuous esophagus?

What is the ICD 10 code for tortuous esophagus? ICD-10: K22.4 Short Description: Dyskinesia of esophagus Long Description: Dyskinesia of esophagus What is a tortuous esophagus? In most instances, the esophagus becomes dilated, and sometimes tortuous probably as a result of neuropathic changes in the esophagus and the pressure exerted on the esophageal wall by […]

How is thistle seed harvested?

To harvest the milk thistle seeds, place all of the heads in a paper bag and put it in a warm place. This will help the seeds dry completely. For example, put the bag of milk thistle heads in your garage or a room in your house that gets lots of sunshine and warmth. Should […]

What is product width and depth?

A product line can contain one product or hundreds. The number of products in a product line refer to its product line depth, while the number of separate product lines owned by a company is the product line width (or breadth). What are the 4 types of product? There are four types of product classification — convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty products, and unsought goods. Aug 21, 2020 What are the different types […]

Which nerves stimulate the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles to contract?

The external intercostals muscles and the diaphragm contract simultaneously during inspiration, resulting in the enlargement of the thoracic cavity in all directions. The diaphragm is the main muscle of inspiration, with a nerve supply from C3, C4 and C5 via the phrenic nerves. What nervous system controls the diaphragm? phrenic nerves which nerve controls the […]

What kind of whip was Jesus whipped with?

flagrum Before Christ was sent to be crucified, the Roman soldiers beat Him with this lead-tipped whip, called a flagrum or sometimes a flagellum What is the difference between flogging and scourging? As nouns the difference between flogging and scourging is that flogging is infliction of punishment by dealing blows or whipping while scourging is a beating with […]

Was Adam Sandler on The Cosby Show?

Smitty Adam Sandler was a Cosby Show vet It was three years before Sandler’s 1990 Saturday Night Live debut when the 18-year-old comedian appeared on The Cosby Show. He played Smitty, Theo Huxtable’s friend from school. Lessons were learned. When was Adam Sandler on The Cosby Show? 1987 Back in 1987, Adam Sandler landed his very first onscreen role on the […]

How many cc’s is a Husqvarna 51?

MANUFACTURED BY: HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AB ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 51cc (3.1 cu. in.) NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 1 CYLINDER BORE: 45 mm (1.77 in.) PISTON STROKE: 32 mm (1.26 in.) What size chain does a Husqvarna 51 take? 20″ Husqvarna 20″ Bar Chain & Maintenance Kit Combo for 51 & 55/501840680, 508926180. How many cc’s is a Husqvarna 55? […]

Does Lowes have $5 $10 mulch?

Lowe’s: 5 for $10 Premium Mulch or Garden Soil. Does Lowe’s have mulch 5 for $10? Lowe’s: 5 for $10 Premium Mulch or Garden Soil. Mar 11, 2016 Does Home Depot have mulch 5 for $10? Normally, mulch prices at Home Depot are $3.33 per bag of Vigoro. But right now, you can take advantage of the Home Depot […]

Why is it necessary to break down proteins in the digestive system?

Proteins are digested in the stomach and small intestine. Protease enzymes break down proteins into amino acids. Digestion of proteins in the stomach is helped by stomach acid, which is strong hydrochloric acid. This also kills harmful microorganisms that may be in the food. What enzyme breaks down starch? Carbohydrase enzymes break down starch into […]

What are key sites in Antt?

Key Parts are the most critical parts of the procedural equipment, that if contaminated are likely to cause infection. Key Sites are medical device access sites or open wounds. An Aseptic Field is a controlled workspace used to promote asepsis during a clinical procedure. A work space that is managed as a key part. What […]

Do you need a permit to collect rainwater?

The Federal Government does not have any laws or restrictions regarding rainwater harvesting. Most states allow citizens to collect rainwater, and even encourage them to do so. Is rain water drinkable? Most rain is perfectly safe to drink and may be even cleaner than the public water supply. Rainwater is only as clean as its […]

Who is chief administrator of the federal bureaucracy?

The president is the chief administrator of the federal bureaucracy. Who is the chief administrator of the federal bureaucracy quizlet? Who is the chief administrator for the federal bureaucracy? The President is the chief administrator of the Federal Government. Who is the chief administrator? The President is the chief administrator, or director, of the United […]

What does Heteronomous morality mean?

Heteronomous Morality (5-9 yrs) … Children regard morality as obeying other people’s rules and laws, which cannot be changed. They accept that all rules are made by some authority figure (e.g. parents, teacher, God), and that breaking the rules will lead to immediate and severe punishment (immanent justice). What is Heteronomous morality and autonomous morality? Heteronomous moral thinking weighs the outcome of […]

What is dacite used for?

Dacite is sometimes used to produce crushed stone. It performs well as fill and as a loose aggregate in a wide variety of construction projects. It does not perform well as a concrete aggregate because its high silica content reacts with the cement. What does diorite turn into? Diorite ( /ˈda?. ?ˌra?t/) is an intrusive […]

Why did Fray Damian Massanet come to America?

1690: Father Damian Massanet established a mission at San Francisco de los Tejas. This mission is so significant because it was the first Spanish establishment in Teas and Damian Massanet became the first to start a Spanish mission in east Texas. This also marked the beginning of Spanish colonization of Texas. What is a full cantilever? The strongest wing structure is the full […]

What is the difference between CPT code 92002 and 92004?

* 92002 (ophthalmological services): Medical examination and evaluation with initiation of diagnostic treatment program; intermediate, new patient. * 92004 (ophthalmological services): Medical examination and evaluation with initiation of diagnostic treatment program; comprehensive, new patient, one or more visits. Does Medigap plan G cover prescriptions? Medicare Plan G does not cover outpatient retail prescriptions that are typically covered by Medicare […]

What are the side effects of Seresto?

Here are the side effects associated with Seresto collars and other pesticide products: Rash. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Trouble walking. Tremors and seizures. Excessive fatigue. Excessive drooling. What are the side effects of the Seresto collar? Here are the side effects associated with Seresto collars and other pesticide products: Rash. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Trouble walking. Tremors and seizures. Excessive […]

Where can I watch full episodes of telenovelas?

Telenovela is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Telenovela on demand at NBC Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, NBC online. Where can I watch all telenovelas? 16 Telenovelas You Can Stream That Will Make You Go “¡Ay Dios Mío!” Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, Available on Netflix. … La Reina Del Sur, Available […]

What is an independent invention?

Independent invention may refer to: Independent inventor, a person who creates inventions independently, rather than for an employer. Multiple discovery, the hypothesis that most scientific discoveries and inventions are made independently and more or less simultaneously by multiple scientists and inventors. How does diffusion play a role in globalization? SOCIAL. Economics played a big role in globalization and cultural diffusion. For […]

What’s wrong with my mango tree?

Indigenous to India and Southeast Asia, trees are particularly susceptible to two diseases of mango: anthracnose and powdery mildew. Both of these fungal diseases attack emerging panicles, flowers and fruit. Mango scab (Elsinoe mangiferae) is another fungal disease that attacks leaves, flowers, fruit and twigs. Is Epsom salt good for mango trees? Give mango trees […]

How often should you PNF stretch?

Therefore, PNF stretching should be completed after exercise at least two times a week to increase ROM and induce increases in muscle strength, power, and athletic performance. What is considered one of the safest stretching techniques? Static stretching is the most common form of stretching, and is usually performed during general fitness routines. It is […]

How long does PEX plumbing last?

100 years Additionally, long-term testing programs on PEX have shown that it has a potential lifespan of more than 100 years. So, while copper systems may have to be re-piped every few years or decades due to corrosion and pinhole leaks, a PEX system can last 10 times longer — or more. Why is PEX plumbing bad? PEX plumbing system has been […]

Did Will Ferrell really ice skate in Blades of Glory?

The actor, who hadn’t skated before his new movie, “Blades of Glory,” shows Meredith a trick on the Rockefeller Skating Rink. But when the subject of ice skating came up in connection with his new movie, Ferrell had to admit to producers he had never donned blades before. Did the actors really skate in Blades of Glory? Actors Jon Heder and Will […]

What size is a wine bottle neck?

21 mm Most wine bottles standards have a bore (inner neck) diameter of 18.5 mm at the mouth of the bottle and increase to 21 mm before expanding into the full bottle. What is the standard size of a wine bottle? 750 ml The standard bottle of wine is 750 ml. The average bar will most likely only use standard bottles. Sep 16, […]

What kind of valve allows flow in only one direction?

check valve Can check valve be installed vertically? Check valve can be installed in horizontal or vertical piping runs, with the flow running upward. Mounting for vertical installations is critical. what valve should be used when the flow is in one direction only? Check valves Which way does a check valve go? They come with […]