Dump trucks can usually carry about 10 to 14 cubic yards of dirt. To understand what a cubic yard looks like, it's easiest to think of one as a block of material around 3 feet in length, height, and width. One cubic yard is the equivalent of 27 cubic feet.

What does 20 yards of dirt look like?
A cubic yard is a dirt pile 3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 3 feet tall, so 20 cubic yards is a pile 15 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 3 feet tall. A cubic yard of dirt covers a 10-foot-by-10-foot area with 3 inches of dirt. ...
How many yards of dirt are in a truckload?
A standard sized dump truck is always recommended for your project. It can carry about 10 to 14 cubic yards of dirt per truckload. For instance, if you require 45 cubic yards of dirt, you need simply 4 truckloads. Many commercial dump trucks have the feature to carry two different materials all at once. Aug 7, 2019
How many cubic yards does a belly dump truck hold?
24 cubic yards Belly dump trailers average 24 cubic yards of hauling capacity and have an open top for fast loading. To unload, the trailer is equipped with a hydraulic gate at the bottom, dumping the full trailer fast or to spread large amounts of loose materials, such as gravel or fill dirt, gradually over a particular area.
How much does a truckload of fill dirt cost?
How Much Is a Truckload of Dirt? Expect to pay between $150 and $450 for a truckload of fill dirt, including delivery. One truck will typically hold 10 to 13 cubic yards of material.
How do you calculate fill dirt?
Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). Take the total and divide by 27 (the amount of cubic feet in a yard). The final figure will be the estimated amount of cubic yards required.
How much does a dump truck full of gravel cost?
The cost of gravel ranges from $10 to $50 per ton, $15 to $75 per yard, $1 to $3 per square foot, or $1,350 per truck load depending on the rock type, volume, and travel distance. Delivery is included up to 10 miles. Gravel spreading costs $12 per yard or $46 per hour.
How much dirt does it take to raise 1 acre of 1 foot?
Hi Debbie, According to Wikipedia, acre is 43,560 square feet. So, if you dig 1 foot deep over an acre, you get 43,560 cubic feet of dirt. If you dig 5 feet deep, then you have 5 times this amount of dirt.
Will a yard of dirt fit in a pickup?
When picking up soils, sands and gravels, one cubic yard is all that is recommended on a pick-up truck. ... Below is an outline of what your truck may be able to handle.
How much dirt do I need to fill a hole?
Calculate the volume of dirt needed to fill in the hole using pi (3.142) times the square of the radius times the depth. For this example, you would multiply 3.142 by the square of 30 by 30 to obtain the volume. This yields 3.142 times 900 inches times 30 inches, or 84,834 cubic inches.
How much is a load of top soil?
Topsoil delivery cost The delivery cost of soil will cost around $15 to $150. Topsoil can range from $12 to $55 per cubic yard. Fill dirt meant for filling large areas costs $8 to 15 per cubic yard. Topsoil is more often used in landscaping and areas that benefit from the nutrients. Jun 23, 2020
How many yards are in a ton of gravel?
Because one cubic yard of gravel is equal to 1.13 tons, you can multiply your total cubic yards by 1.13 to convert this measurement to tons.
What is the difference between topsoil and fill dirt?
Fill dirt consists of a mixture of broken down rocks, sand and clay. It contains little fertility for plants to grow, or any organic matter. ... Topsoil contains organic matter and is likely to shift or settle over time. If you are looking for filler then fill dirt will provide a more stable material.
What is the best type of fill dirt?
Topsoil is organic. It contains nutrients that will support grass and plants. If you just need to fill shallow low spots in your landscaping, topsoil works well. It only contains a few rocks or other debris, if any. Apr 11, 2019
How much is a 40 lb bag of topsoil?
A 40-lb bag of topsoil is about . 75 cubic feet (or ft3). Jun 9, 2017
How much area does a ton of dirt cover?
As a general guide, 1 cubic yard of aggregate, sand, or dirt is equivalent to 1.5 tons. ... Coverage Chart 1" Depth 324 Sq. Ft. 2" Depth 162 Sq. Ft. 3" Depth 108 Sq. Ft. 4" Depth 81 Sq. Ft. 8 more rows
How do I calculate how much fabric I need?
Figure out how much fabric you need with this formula: Width of fabric divided by width of one piece equals the number of pieces that fit into width (rounded down to the whole number). Total number of pieces divided by number of pieces that fit into width equals number of rows you need. More items... • Feb 13, 2011
How much is fill dirt per ton?
General round numbers for types of materials (and some areas may fall outside even these broad ranges) - common (unclassified) fill around $3-12/ton, sand/gravel around $5-15/ton, sand/gravel or crushed rock screened to a specific specification (like for clean drain rock or pea gravel or driveway base or structural ... Nov 24, 2020
What is the cheapest gravel for a driveway?
Pea gravel Pea gravel is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, and it's commonly used to create gravel driveways. Pea gravel is also a durable, low-maintenance driveway material.
How much does a 50 lb bag of gravel cover?
Consider a ½ cubic foot bag of stone or soil weighs about 50 lbs and will cover 2 square feet at 3"" deep.
How far will a dump truck load of gravel go?
Full-size Pickup Trucks: Can usually handle 2 cubic yards of soil, 2-3 cubic yards of mulch, and 1 cubic yard of stone or gravel.
Can you build a house on fill dirt?
Buildings have been built on several FEET of fill, which, if properly compacted, is perfectly capable of supporting loads much greater than any house would produce. ... When building on filled lots in the past, we often extended foundations to “undisturbed soil” to avoid these problems. Mar 6, 2008
How do I raise my yard level?
STEP 1: Mow the lawn. ... STEP 2: Examine the amount of thatch at the lawn's roots, then dethatch as needed. ... STEP 3: Mix sand, topsoil, and compost. ... STEP 4: Dig up the grass in sunken parts of the lawn and fill with the soil mixture. ... STEP 5: Spread the rest of the soil mixture in a thin layer to even out the entire lawn. More items...
How much does it cost to level an acre?
How Much is Land Grading Per Acre? Land grading is between $0.47 and $2.28 per square foot. It can cost as much as $40,000 to grade half an acre. Jul 17, 2019
How many wheelbarrows are in a yard of dirt?
Wheelbarrow Conversions Depending upon your wheelbarrow size (i.e. 2 or 3 cubic feet per wheelbarrow load), it will take 9 to 14 full loads to equal 1 cubic yard.
How much dirt can a 1/2 ton pickup carry?
By volume, you could fit 2 yards in the bed of an average pickup truck. The problem is the weight. A cubic yard of topsoil, for example, can weigh between 1,000 and 3,000 lbs. The payload capacity of an average 1/2 ton pickup truck is 1,200 to 2,200 lbs (and you need to know the exact capacity for your own truck).
How many yards of dirt can a f150 hold?
Dirt varies by type and moisture content, but typically 2000 to 3000 pounds per yard. I would strongly suggest no more than 1/2 yard in your f150. Whatever you do, do NOT fill the box up. That would be about 4 yards. Jul 1, 2016
How thick should topsoil be?
3-6 inches To fill a garden bed, you'll probably want at least 6 inches of depth of topsoil. To install a new lawn, plan to spread a layer of 3-6 inches of topsoil before sowing seed or laying sod, depending on the quality of your existing soil. Apr 27, 2020
How many yards are in a ton?
Ton Register to Cubic Yard Conversion Table Ton Register [ton Reg] Cubic Yard [yd^3] 1 ton reg 3.7037037037 yd^3 2 ton reg 7.4074074074 yd^3 3 ton reg 11.1111111111 yd^3 5 ton reg 18.5185185185 yd^3 7 more rows
How much dirt do I need for a 4x8 raised bed?
How much soil? For a 4x8–foot raised bed with a 10” height, about 1 cubic yard of soil is needed. For a 4x8-foot raised bed with a 6” height, using Mel's Mix: about 5 cubic feet each of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite is needed.
How much does a dump truck load of top soil cost?
The average cost of a dump truck load of topsoil is $150 to $500 for a typical 10 to 15-yard load delivered. Prices depend on the amount ordered, the local cost of the topsoil, and the hauling distance. Charges do not include spreading or installation.
Can I put topsoil over existing lawn?
You can add topsoil to an existing lawn -- and in some cases, you should. Adding a layer of topsoil to your lawn is called "topdressing," and it's a technique you can use to improve the look of your grass. It's important you prepare correctly and choose the right type of soil for a great-looking lawn.
Does Home Depot sell bulk topsoil?
Product Overview Bulk Topsoil 5 cu. yd. is delivered locally to your home or jobsite. Use top soil for filling in holes and patching bare spots on lawns. ... Price in cubic yard does not include the delivery charge to home or jobsite.
How can I fix a cheap muddy driveway?
Solution 1: In the muddy sections of the driveway, you can add small rocks or crushed stones. Put in enough rocks or stones so that the excess mud can seep between the rocks or stones. By doing this, there are virtually no more holes for the mud to settle into. There should be no space between the rocks or stones.
What is the best size gravel for a driveway?
A commonly used gravel size for driveway base layers is #3 gravel. This rock is generally 1-2 inches in diameter and does double duty by establishing a solid, reliable foundation and providing adequate drainage; both critical factors in driveway construction.
How do I calculate how much gravel I need?
How to Calculate How Much Gravel I Need Measure. ... Measure odd-shaped areas by breaking them down into rough rectangular or square shapes. Multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage. ... Image Credit: Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images. ... Divide the total cubic feet, using the example of 30, by 27 to convert the amount to cubic yards.
Do I really need topsoil?
A: If you simply need to increase soil volume—whether it's to replace soil that has eroded or to even out property or to create a garden from scratch—then yes, buying topsoil is an inexpensive way to do it. But if you're interested in encouraging a healthier, more fertile topsoil, according to Dr. Sep 6, 2018
What is best to fill holes in yard?
To fill in lawn ruts and holes, blend planting soil with sand and/or compost. Usually blending equal parts of each material forms a mix that allows grass to root effectively through the mix into existing soil. Check with your local extension agent or garden center for specific soil recommendations for your area.
Should I mix sand with topsoil?
The best way to combat this and produce soil that your vegetables can thrive in is to mix roughly one part sand to two parts topsoil. The goal is to create a mixture that's well balanced and evenly distributed. Just make sure that it isn't more sand than topsoil, because that will lead to poor water retention.
Will grass die if covered with dirt?
The grass cannot thrive if it's covered with soil. Water the area lightly, as needed. Avoid over-watering, which can wash away the leveling mix. Nov 25, 2020
Is Clay Good for fill dirt?
Clay is important for the water- and nutrient-holding capacity of soil, but an excessive concentration of clay limits water drainage and plant root growth. Fill dirt containing more than 50 percent clay is useful as a base for pathways and garden structures, such as sheds and gazebos.
What is considered clean fill?
Clean fill includes soil, rock, stone, dredged material, used asphalt and brick, block or concrete from construction and demolition activities that is separate from other waste and recognizable as such.
How many square feet will a 40 lb bag of topsoil cover?
12 square feet A 40 pound bag of topsoil covers 12 square feet (one inch deep). Dec 12, 2016
How many bags of soil do I need for a 4x4 raised bed?
For example, if you have a length of 5 feet, a width of 4 feet and a depth of 2 feet, the volume would be 40 cubic feet (5 x 4 x 2 = 40). This is the amount of dirt you will need to fill your raised planter box. This would equal 20 bags of soil sold in bags containing 2 cubic feet of dirt each.
How many pounds is 1 cubic feet?
How many cubic foots are in a pound of water? 1 ft 3 / cu ft = 62.43 lb wt.
How do you calculate tons of topsoil?
Length in feet x width in feet x depth in feet. If you are looking to convert the total into tons, the you have to divide the total volume by 21.6, the number of cubic feet that fits in a ton.
How much topsoil is in a ton?
How many cubic feet are in a ton of soil? 1 tonne of packed topsoil measures roughly 24.7 cubic feet- that's just under 3 feet along each plane- much heavier than it looks!
How big is a yard of dirt?
For example, if you dig up a flower bed that is 9 feet long, 3 feet wide and 12 inches deep, you will have one cubic yard of dirt. This is how it breaks down: 3 feet equals 1 yard, so 9 feet equals 3 total yards in length. The width of 3 feet equals 1 yard.
How many 10 inch squares are in a yard of fabric?
Guideline for figuring number of pieces in a yard of fabric. (curved or unusual shaped pieces require more fabric) Size of Square Pieces in 36"" Fabric Pieces in 45"" Fabric 9"" 16* 20 10"" 9 12 11"" 9 12 14 more rows
How do I figure out how much fabric I need for upholstery?
Measure the Cushions One yard of fabric equals 36 inches, and it takes about 2 yards for each cushion, allowing 1 inch for seams, when you lay the individual pieces out to fit the 54-inch wide fabric. If you have three cushions, you will need basically 6 yards of fabric just for the cushions alone.
How many yards does it take to cover a chair?
As a general rule, using 54" wide fabric, 3/4 yard will work for 2 chairs. Three-quarters yards will give you two pieces that are 27" x 27". If you have four chairs, you will need 1.5 yards, six chairs takes 2.25 yards, eight chair seats take 3 yards, and so on. Oct 17, 2008
How much does fill dirt weigh per yard?
2,000 to 2,700 pounds In general, a pure cubic yard of fill dirt will weigh somewhere between 2,000 to 2,700 pounds depending on moisture content and composition. When it comes to a pure cubic yard of topsoil dirt, it will weigh around 1,080 pounds. May 11, 2019
How much does a yard of dirt cover?
One cubic yard of soil covers 100 square feet at a 2 inch depth.
How much does it cost to fill in a yard?
ft. yard that needs fill dirt and topsoil brought in. Costs can be as low as $400 for resloping 1,000 sq. ft. ... Cost of Topsoil per Cubic Yard. Amount of Topsoil Cost (Materials Only) 1 cubic yard $30 2 cubic yards $60 3 cubic yards $90 4 cubic yards $120 6 more rows • Jan 29, 2021
What's the cheapest way to make a driveway?
Advantages of Aggregate Driveways Pound for pound, aggregate is the cheapest of these four common driveway materials. A basic gravel driveway can cost as little as $0.50 per square foot – an order of magnitude less than a professionally installed asphalt, stone, or concrete driveway. Durability.
What is cheapest way to do a driveway?
Gravel and Stones A gravel driveway is by far the cheapest and quickest to install, especially if the existing driveway sub-base is sound.
What is the cheapest material to make a driveway?
Gravel driveways are hands-down the most affordable option upfront. Asphalt driveways place second in cost, followed by cement and pavers. Although gravel driveways are the least expensive initially, they require the most maintenance long-term.
How much does a 25kg bag of gravel cover?
For Decorative Gravel As a rule of thumb 1 of our 25kg bags will cover an area of 0.25m to a recommended depth of 50mm.
How many square feet will a 40 lb bag of rock cover?
3 sq ft., covers approximately 3 sq. ft. for a depth of 2 in.
How much gravel do I need to cover 200 square feet?
If the area to be covered is 200 cubic feet, for example, each bag of rock covers 4 cubic feet ,so you will need 50 bags of landscape rock to fill the space.