Technical specifications
Technical specifications Value
Displacement 91,6 cm³
Power output 5,2/7,1 kW/bhp
Weight 1) 7,4 kg
Power-to-weight ratio 1,4 kg/kW
How many cc is a ms660?
825 cc 825 cc (27.9 oz.) ... How many cc is a Stihl ms660? Displacement 91,6 cm³ Saw chain pitch 3/8" STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type Rapid Super (RS) 2 more rows • Feb 7, 2020
How much is a Stihl ms660?
$1,100 here for powerhead only. Add $150 for 31" bar and one chain. Jan 14, 2015
How many cc is a Stihl MS 440?
Technical specifications Technical specifications Values Displacement 70,7 cm³ Power output 4/5,4 kW/bhp Weight 1 ) 6,3 kg Power-to-weight ratio 1,6 kg/kW 5 more rows
What CC is a Stihl 025?
44.3cc Stihl 025 = 44.3cc (30% more displacement!) Sep 4, 2011
How many cc is a Stihl 661?
91.1 cc Oils & Lubricants MS 661 C-M MAGNUM® Specifications - Professional Use DISPLACEMENT 91.1 cc (5.56 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 5.4 kW (7.2 bhp) POWERHEAD WEIGHT Flush-Cut: 7.4kg (16.3 lbs.) Wrap-Handle: 7.66 kg (16.8 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 825 cc (27.9 oz.) 5 more rows
How much is a Stihl 066 worth?
Stihl's MSRP is $1110 to $1150 depending on bar length. Jun 13, 2013
What does MS mean on Stihl chainsaws?
common part Every STIHL chainsaw model name starts with MS, MSA, or MSE. The common part, MS, stands for Motorsäge which is German for chainsaw. MSA indicates that it's a battery chainsaw and MSE tells us that it's an electric model. May 10, 2019
What CC is a Stihl 066?
91.6 cubic centimeters The 066 uses a single cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 91.6 cubic centimeters.
What is the best professional chainsaw?
Best Professional Chainsaw: No Job too Big Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chain Saw. Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw. TIMBERPRO Professional Series 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw. Meharbour 20-Inch 59 CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw. Benlet Professional 20″ 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw.
What's better Husqvarna or Stihl?
Many users say that Stihl has more low-end torque, making it a better choice for tough cutting. ... Stihl chainsaws tend to cost less than Husqvarna. Stihl has a reputation for requiring less routine maintenance. Stihl saws tend to be preferred by homeowners.
What is the most powerful Stihl chainsaw?
STIHL MS 881 STIHL MS 881 The world's most powerful Petrol Chainsaw. The MS 881 is the most powerful chainsaw in the market with the highest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW). Built for high performance work, this saw is the optimum choice for professional foresters and loggers.
What is the best Stihl chainsaw for the money?
The Best Stihl Chainsaw Reviews Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ. Stihl MS 251 C-BE. Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss. Stihl MS 461. Stihl MSE 170 C-BQ.
What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?
Stihl chain Stihl chain is a little more expensive but it's the most aggressive chain commonly available. It's also made from the hardest steel so it holds an edge better than any other brand I've tried (including Carlton, Saber and Bailey's Woodsman Pro). Aug 21, 2008
What is a Stihl 025 worth?
$150-175 here, maybe $200 in really good shape. Jun 20, 2013
How many cc is a Stihl 360?
P58, Stihl's website says the MS360 is a 61.5 cc saw. Stihl says 16, 18, 20 or 24 inch bars when using 3/8" yellow chains. The MS260 is the 50cc saw if I recollect correctly. Nov 9, 2011
What CC is a Stihl ms461?
76.5 cc Specifications. DISPLACEMENT: 76.5 cc (4.7 cu. in.) POWERHEAD WEIGHT: 6.6 kg (14.6 lbs.)
How much does a Stihl ms500i cost?
The target price currently listed on the German website of Stihl is EUR 1559, or around $1760 USD. If we're to trust history, however, the MS 500i will be slightly cheaper in store, perhaps by a couple of hundred dollars. If that's the case it will land a few hundred dollars above the competitors of the 70cc class. Nov 28, 2018
How much do a Stihl chainsaw cost?
Based on how often and extensively you use your chainsaw will have an impact on which quality and price 'homeowner saw' you choose. If you're looking for occasional use expect to spend around $200 per saw. For more extensive use and longer run times, expect to spend in excess of $350.
What is the biggest chainsaw Stihl makes?
Oils & Lubricants MS 880 MAGNUM® Specifications - Professional Use DISPLACEMENT 121.6 cc (7.42 cu. in.) ENGINE POWER 6.4 kW (8.6 bhp) POWERHEAD WEIGHT 10.1 kg (22.3 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 1300 cc (44.0 oz.) 5 more rows
How many cc is a Stihl 090?
A ms 880 has a displacement of 121.6cc (7.42 cubic inches) and a hp rating of 8.6. The 090 has a displacement of 137cc (8.36 cubic inches) and a hp rating of 8.5. Sep 23, 2005
How many cc is a Stihl 064?
064 Model Manufacturer Type Description: Bar Length: 14"" - Engine Size (cc): 35.2 - Engine Style: 2-Cycle (2-Stroke) 038 AVEFB Stihl Inc. Chain Saw Description: Engine Size (cc): 61.0 MS 362 R Stihl Inc. Chain Saw 96 more rows
What Chainsaw do professional loggers use?
Most of the professional loggers still trust Stihl and Husqvarna as their predominant best professional chainsaw choice because they have the right balance of power to weight.
How many cc is a 455 rancher?
55.5-cc Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-in 55.5-cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw.
How can you tell a fake Stihl chainsaw?
Sometimes the fakes are obvious (STIHL never uses stickers to mark its products – our logo is always printed or embossed directly on the product), but the only way to be sure you are getting a genuine STIHL is to purchase your product from an authorized STIHL Dealer.
What is the most powerful chainsaw in the world?
STIHL MS 881 The new STIHL MS 881 is the world's most powerful chainsaw in production today. Following on from the highly regarded MS 880 chainsaw, which was a favourite of foresters, the arboriculture industry and saw-mill operatives, the MS 881 was designed with the largest timber jobs in mind.
What is a Stihl 066 red light?
Re: Stihl 066 Red Light The red led would blink when the saw was hitting the rev limiter and that was supposed to aid you while tuning your saw. The cylinders had awesome port timing, so a lot of guys would take an old 066 jug and stick them on the newer saws. Feb 9, 2014
What is the number one selling chainsaw?
STIHL STIHL – The Number One Selling Brand of Chainsaws. STIHL USA.
Is Echo or Stihl better?
ECHO – Stihl offers the best choices and reliability with chainsaws. ECHO has better residential options for trimmers, blowers, and edgers. ... Stihl may have an advantage in some areas, while ECHO is better in others. So let's start the process of breaking this down.
What is the best all around chainsaw?
Best All Around Chainsaw List Remington RM4214 Chainsaw. 14-inch Bar and Chain (Gas) ... Husqvarna 440e II Chainsaw. 16-inch Bar and Chain (Gas) ... Greenworks CS40L210 Chainsaw. 14-inch Bar and Chain (Battery) ... DEWALT DCCS690M1 Chainsaw. 16-inch Bar and Chain (Battery) ... Greenworks 2022 Chainsaw. ... Remington RM1645 Chainsaw. Feb 10, 2021
Is Stihl made in China?
Stihl chainsaws are manufactured in the United States and China. The company has a facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Qingdao, China. “Made by STIHL” is a brand promise – no matter the location of production. Sep 16, 2019
What is the best chainsaw for the money?
To help you find the best chainsaw for your needs, here are the best options on the market. Best Overall, Electric: Makita UC4051A 16" Electric Chain Saw. ... Best Heavy-Duty: Husqvarna 460 20-Inch Rancher Gas Chainsaw. ... Best Overall, Gas: Echo 18-Inch Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Chainsaw. ... Best Budget, Electric: WORX WG303. More items... • Feb 19, 2021
Will Stihl chain fit Husqvarna?
Stihl makes chains that fit any brand out there. It is important to know your required numbers (engraved on the bar). Stihl saw chain is available in the following gauges 0.043", 0.050", 0.058" or 0.063". The first three are available for Oregon/Husqvarna/etc. Jul 30, 2013
What is the longest chainsaw bar?
Our largest chainsaw is one of the most powerful in the world. The primary applications for the 3120 XP® is extreme logging, portable saw mills, and stump work. This saw is designed to pull the chain on our longest bars-- up to six feet! Like all Husqvarna chainsaws, the 3120 XP® has a superior power/weight ratio.
Does Stihl ever go on sale?
STIHL Inc. does not offer specials or discounts.
What is a Stihl magnum?
Stihl USA uses the "Magnum" name for ALL the large forestry models, i.e. MS 441, MS 460, MS 660, MS 880. No additional power, purely a marketing trick. See MS 441 STIHL Magnum® Chain Saw - Fuel Efficient Professional Chain Saw | STIHL. May 22, 2012
Is Stihl worth the money?
Are Stihl trimmers worth the money? A Stihl trimmer is a worthwhile investment for the homeowner or professional who requires dependable yard tools and is not willing to sacrifice quality over price. ... I'm just a customer; someone who has owned Stihl products for years and really put them through the paces.
What type of chainsaw should I buy?
Size does matter when it comes to chainsaws. For the safest cutting, the bar length should be 2″ longer than the wood you want to cut, so if you want to cut a 14″ tree in one pass then a 16″ (or bigger) guide bar is ideal. If you need to cut a larger tree with a small chainsaw then you can do so in two passes. Sep 15, 2019
What's the fastest cutting chainsaw chain?
Square ground chisel chain 1. Fastest cutting is Square ground chisel chain such as the Oregon CJ & CK. This chain is sharpened with a square, not round file and is not something most, non professional folks mess with. Jan 26, 2004
Does a ripping chain cut faster?
I find that regular chain actually rips faster but ripping chain produces a smoother cut. Cutting goes a lot faster if you can use a long bar and cut at an angle not directly attacking the end grain, you know the angle that produces those long slivers of shavings that eventually clog your saw. Feb 9, 2011
What is the difference between .325 and 3/8 chain?
The . 325 may be smaller and faster, but it may not be your best bet for your everyday needs. The three-eighths-inch chain is durable and lasts longer than its smaller cousin. This makes it one of the more popular switches for chainsaw users who want to get more out of their saw. Mar 28, 2018
How much does a Stihl 660 weight?
Oils & Lubricants MS 661 R C-M MAGNUM® Specifications - Professional Use DISPLACEMENT 91.1 cc (5.56 cu. in.) POWERHEAD WEIGHT 7.66 kg (16.8 lbs.) FUEL CAPACITY 825 cc (27.9 oz.) CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 360 cc (12.2 oz.) 5 more rows
How many cc is a Stihl 034?
60 cc Re: stihl 034 AV specs ? FWIW the 034 S model is in essence about the same as an 036 . Both are impressive for 60 cc size . Jul 16, 2015
Is ms251 better than Stihl ms250?
There is a difference in this category. With the MS 250, you're looking at an overall weight of 10.1 pounds. With the MS 251, the powerhead is going to weigh 10.8 pounds. This isn't too much of a difference, but the MS 250 is slightly lighter.
How much does a Stihl 461 cost?
STIHL MS 461 Chain Saw Versions Featured Price MS 461 - 20" Bar $1,289.95* MS 461 - 24" Bar $1,309.95* MS 461 - 28" Bar $1,329.95* MS 461 - 28" Lightweight bar $1,374.95* 4 more rows
Does Stihl make a fuel injected chainsaw?
The STIHL MS 500i is the world's first chainsaw to feature electronically controlled fuel injection, and is a fantastic tool for cutting timber. The STIHL MS 500i is the world's first chainsaw to feature electronically controlled fuel injection, and is a fantastic tool for cutting timber.
Is Echo a good brand chainsaw?
"They just build good, honest equipment," one of our testers said. That's the Echo in a nutshell. It also has the best action on its chain-brake lever—crisp, with no slop. Finally, and perhaps most important, its engine operates with a broad torque curve, and that power comes shining through in the tough cuts. Jan 7, 2015
Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?
You may be putting to steep of an angle on the cutters, which will dull quickly. You're rakers may be too far down, which will contribute to a quick dulling chain. You may be cutting dirty wood. You may be slightly touching the ground with the tip of the bar. Apr 3, 2003
Why does my Stihl chainsaw bog down?
The Job of the Carburetor Without the right amount of air and fuel in the piston cylinder, the 2-cycle engine in a Stihl chain saw runs inefficiently and the saw loses power. ... When the saw bogs down during cutting, it's usually the high-speed screw you need to adjust.