How to Use a Hoover Steamvac Deluxe
  1. Vacuum your carpet well before steam cleaning.
  2. Remove the SteamVac reservoir tank and unscrew the filler cap.
  3. Remount the reservoir tank and plug in the SteamVac power cord.
  4. Turn the SteamVac on, and squeeze the trigger to spray the cleaning solution.
  5. Release the trigger.
  6. Pull the SteamVac back in the same manner.

How does a Hoover carpet cleaner work? With the Hoover in position on your carpet, squeeze the trigger on its handle to release cleaning solution as you push it forward and backward slowly over the same small section. After repeating this process over the entire carpet, empty out the dirty water tank to keep your Hoover working properly.

how does a Hoover SteamVac work?

The Hoover spotter carpet cleaner features SpinScrub technology which uses five counter-rotating brushes to gently deep clean the carpet fibers. The heated system forces hot air onto the cleaning path and aids in the cleaning process. Plus, it cleans both forward and backward for added efficiency.

How do I use my Hoover SteamVac Widepath 6000? How to Operate a Hoover Steamvac Widepath Assemble the Hoover Steamvac Widepath according to the instructions in the owner's manual. Vacuum the carpet to be cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner, do not use the Hoover Steamvac for dry vacuuming. Fill the cleaning tank with hot tap water. Turn the switch on to engage the rotating brushes.

what does clean surge mean?

Clean Surge Trigger (Extra detergent for cleaning up stains) When the Clean Surge button is depressed, it releases extra detergent into the area. This helps to remove highly stubborn stains and spots, and it's also great for dirty high traffic carpet areas. Attachments.

Why is my Hoover carpet cleaner has no suction? Empty the recovery (dirty water) tank if you experience low or no suction. A shut-off mechanism will close the suction system down when it is full. Make sure that the cap is secure on the tank when you replace it. Also, check that the tool door is closed, as a poor seal in this area can also affect suction.

how do you use a Hoover SteamVac LS?

Directions for Hoover LS Edition SteamVac

How do you use a Hoover SteamVac Turbo Power 5200? Set the SteamVac handle in the upright position and push down on the clean water tank handle. Pull it out and place the tank in a sink. Turn the lid counterclockwise, lift up and turn it over. Use the built-in measuring cup to pour the cleaning solution into the tank.

Can you use any carpet cleaner in a Hoover?

Yes, a different brand of carpet detergent can be used. You can use it with just about any carpet shampoo on the market, not only Hoover brand.