1. Measure the height of the wall where you want. to install your awning. …
  2. Measure how wide an awning you want? Measure along the side of your house to decide. …
  3. Make sure you have at least 200mm of. unobstructed clear space horizontally along your. …
  4. Measure the distance that you would like the.

How are awnings measured?

To measure for the ideal awning width, measure along the exterior wall of your house. … You will need to measure up the wall to where you’d like to have the awning – at least 7 feet and 6 inches. If you are planning to mount the cover above a door wall or window, you’ll need to add an additional 10 inches.

How do you measure a deck for awning? SunSetter awnings require a minimum height of 7 feet 6 inches from your deck or patio floor to the bottom of any roof, eave, or overhang. Note: 1000XT models require only 7 feet. Step 2 – Measure along the wall of your house at the desired mounting height to determine your awning width.

How long is a retractable awning?

Retractable awnings can project as little as 5 feet all the way to 13 feet. Most common size is 10 to 12 feet.

What is the minimum height for a retractable awning?

Your retractable awning must be at least 8 feet from the ground, depending on level elevation, and how far your awnings would project, or extend. If your retractable awning is to be mounted over a swinging door, add another 10-12 inches for clearance space.

How much space do you need for an awning?

3) An awning will require between 8″ and 12″ of space to be mounted to your wall. If you do not have enough space, a soffit or roof mount will need to be considered.

Do retractable awnings have to be fully extended?

Do I have to fully extend my retractable awning? A. Retractable awnings are designed so you can stop the awning at any point with the remote control or the hand crank. There are three buttons on the remote, one for extension, one for retraction, and one to stop the awning at your desired length.

Are retractable awnings worth it?

Retractable patio awnings provide protection from the heat, increasing how much time you’ll want to spend outdoors. You’ll see a good ROI for your retractable patio awning since the initial cost is minimal compared to adding a roof for your deck.

How much does it cost to have a retractable awning installed?

Retractable awnings cost between $2,000 and $3,500 including installation. Compare quotes from awning installers near you for the best price. Awnings offer shade or and shelter for an outdoor area.

What is the best height for an awning?

Measure up from the patio floor at least 90 inches. The minimum height to install the awning should total 90 inches so allow for plenty of overhead room. The mounting space for the awning is approximately 8 inches, which should be included in the 90 inches.

How far does a Sunsetter awning drop?

The drop would be 24″. You could also adjust the awning to have a 5′ drop or no drop at all. The adjustment is up to you. However, the closer to 3 inch drop (pitch) you have, the better the awning will function.

What sizes do Retractable awnings come in?

Available widths: 8 ft. and 10 ft. to 18 ft., in one-foot increments. Projection: Up to 10 feet 2 inches from your house (the 10 and 11 foot awnings extend out 9 feet, and the 8 foot wide awning extends out 7 feet).

Are retractable awnings good in the rain?

Retractable awnings are designed primarily as a shade device and should never be left open unattended. … Rain: As stated above, shade is the primary purpose of an awning. However, they can also be used in light rain to a degree.

Can I leave my awning out in the rain?

Awnings cannot withstand large amount of liquids. A heavy rain can cause a lot of damage to an an RV awning. You should always keep your awnings tucked in, or after a heavy rain lower one end to allow the water to run off the awning. Excessive weight can damage the fabric and cause costly damage.

What is the average cost of a SunSetter awning?

SunSetter Awnings cost between $600 to $6,000. The price depends on several factors: size, retraction mechanism, fabric, shape and type. The most popular model is the SunSetter motorized model, which has an average price of $2,800.

Are awnings worth the money?

Adding an awning to your home can lower your summer cooling costs by a whopping 25%. If you use a retractable awning, you could save during the winter months as well, since they will help the sun to warm your home and lock in heat after dark.