You can find out who your gas supplier is via the gas supplier online service. Alternatively, call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524. (Please note that calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.)

How do you find out what utilities are available? To find out which utility company currently supplies a property with gas or electricity, you can call the Meter Number Helpline and provide your gas meter number to find out who your gas supplier is.

who is the gas supplier for my address?

You can find your gas supplier by searching your postcode on the Meter Point Administration's Find My Supplier tool, or you can call them directly on 0870 608 1524.

Who is National Grid electric supplier? You can find out who your electricity supplier is and their contact details on a recent energy bill. If you don't have a recent bill, or if you've just moved home, you'll need to contact your local distribution network operator (DNO).

who is my electricity supplier Scottish and Southern?

Or, you can call the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524. You'll need to tell them your postcode and the first line of your address. They'll tell you your MPRN and who your current gas provider is.

Can I find my MPRN number online? How to find your MPRN. You can search online for your MPRN by visiting Find My Supplier and entering your postcode. Or you can call the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524. You'll need to tell them your postcode and the first line of your address.

who is supplying my electricity?

If you just moved into a new home, you might be able to find out who your energy supplier is from the previous tenants. Ask them to check their last bill if they're not sure. Failing that, you can find out your gas supplier by calling the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 (also available online).

Where is my gas meter? If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord should be able to tell you where to find the meter. In most properties though, the gas meter will either be in the kitchen, in the hallway or outside in a cupboard or meter box.

Who owns the electricity meter?

The owner of the meter can be a DNO or Gas transporter, but more commonly these days, the meters are owned by the manufacturer. The supplier(not the owner) is responsible for these meters unless otherwise stated.

How do I find my electricity meter? An electricity meter serial number or MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is a unique number, which identifies the meter at your home. This number can be found on your electricity bill – it is usually on the bottom left.

How do I get a new MPAN number?

You will need to contact your electricity supplier about meter installation. You will require a 13-digit Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). If it's a change to an existing connection you can find your MPAN on our website. If it's a new connection, we will send you your MPAN when we accept your quote.

How do I register my electricity meter?

To register a prepaid electricity meter:Click on the "Prepaid Services" menu. Select “Electricity Purchases". Choose “Register Meter". Accept the terms and conditions, then click the “Accept” button to proceed.

What is SSEN?

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (trading name of Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution Limited, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission PLC, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution PLC and Southern Electric Power Distribution PLC), also known as SSEN, forms part of the SSE plc group, is listed on

Who is gas and electricity supplier?

Who is my gas supplier? Or call 0870 608 1524 (this call will cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company´s access charge). The Administration Service can also give you your gas Meter Point Reference Number, or 'MPRN'. This tells your energy supplier where your meter is located.

How do I get a MPAN number?

MPAN Request (Meter Point Administration Number Request) MPAN from existing energy bill : If you have an existing electricity bill for your property you should be able to find your MPAN. MPANs are often printed at the bottom of the first page of your bill or on the reverse of the front page.

What does SSE stand for?

Scottish and Southern Energy

What is a meter register?

The register is a series of dials which record the amount of energy used. The dials may be of the cyclometer type, an odometer-like display that is easy to read where for each dial a single digit is shown through a window in the face of the meter, or of the pointer type where a pointer indicates each digit.

Is an MPAN personal data?

It is worth reiterating at this point that a consumption data linked to a particular Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is personal data when it relates to a domestic customer or a sole trader. and governs the energy industry's access to various granularities of data from smart meters.

Why do we have two electric meters?

Many times the second meter is for the electric water heater as electrical is charged at a lower rate. Only the electric water heater can be connected to that meter. AC current requires a meter for the electricity coming in and the electricity going out.