The Ring Video Doorbell can only be connected to an AC transformer. In addition to the equipment included in your Ring Video Doorbell box, You will need to purchase an electronic resistor. A resistor is REQUIRED in place of a mechanical or electronic doorbell kit for this alternate configuration to work successfully.

Can the ring doorbell be hardwired? Like Ring's original Video Doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be either hardwired, or powered by the included rechargeable battery.

why does ring doorbell need a resistor?

You must install a 50 Watt 25 Ohm resistor in one of the two power wires from the doorbell transformer to the Ring. It does not matter which line you install the resistor into. The resistor is necessary to absorb the current from the Ring that normally would go on to the chime to have it operate.

Can I install a ring doorbell if I don't have a doorbell? There are two ways to power a Ring doorbell. If you have an existing doorbell, it's just a matter of hooking the Ring up to the existing wiring. If you have no existing doorbell, you are going to need a transformer from Amazon and a resistor from Digikey. All that information is in the installation instructions.

how do I turn on my ring doorbell without an existing doorbell?

How to Install a Ring Doorbell without an Existing Doorbell

What voltage does a ring doorbell use? 16V

how do I know if I need a transformer for my ring doorbell?

There are three ways to tell if your transformer has enough power for the Ring Doorbell 2:

What does the Ring Power Kit do? The Pro Power Kit included with your Video Doorbell Pro is a small device that makes sure that enough power is sent to your Ring Doorbell to function. It's required in order for your Ring Doorbell to function properly.

How many volts does a Ring Pro need?

16 volts

What voltage does ring doorbell 2 need? Note: If wiring your Ring Doorbell 2 to an existing doorbell, a transformer with a voltage of 8-24 VAC is required.

Do I need to charge my ring doorbell if its hardwired?

If the voltage is showing poor, then the low power is the cause if issue of hardwired Ring doorbell is not charging. Check and read the power on Doorbell Transformer. As to run Ring Doorbell Device it's required 16+ volts AC power.

Do I have to turn off power to install ring doorbell?

DO I HAVE TO TURN OFF POWER TO MY WIRED DOORBELL PRIOR TO INSTALLING RING DOORBELL? Although it's not necessary, we advise that you do turn the power off to your wired doorbell in order to avoid any potential risk.

How do you bypass the doorbell chime?

Installing Your Chime Bypass Step 1 - Turn Off Power. Before you start the installation process, turn off the power to your existing doorbell and chime box at your home's circuit breaker. Step 2 - Locate Chime Box. Step 3 - Remove Chime Box Cover. Step 4 - Connect the Chime Bypass. Step 5 - Mount the Chime Bypass. Step 6 - Put the Chime Box Cover Back.

How do I know what voltage my doorbell is?

Test the doorbell transformer voltage by setting the meter on your voltage tester to 25VAC (volts alternating current). Measure the voltage on the transformer to see if it's producing enough electricity. The voltage should be at or around 16.